Benefits of Infrared Patio Heaters

Why should you choose infrared patio heaters?

At Patio Heater USA, our Calcana infrared patio heaters are designed to fire up and operate in all weather conditions. As an international supplier of heaters developed specifically for the restaurant industry, Calcana recently appeared in the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Show.

Our infrared outdoor heaters run on natural gas or propane, the most low–cost efficient heater fuels on the market. The temperature is adjusted freely and easily with our patented variable input controller, allowing continuous heat anywhere between low and high temperatures. The heater combustion burns cleanly over the entire temperature range and the heat output is even across the entire length of the heater.

Calcana infrared patio heaters’ extremely low clearance–to–combustibles allows for installation in space–restrictive locations. With no open flames or glowing parts, the outdoor heater can be as close as 4–8 inches to an awning or wood structure.

Though constructed of heavy–duty stainless steel, our patent–protected heater frame and structure is easily assembled on–site with simple hand tools. Purchase the frame and structure with or without the infrared heater.

Finally, Calcana’s outdoor heaters are completely unaffected by wind or inclement weather. Regardless of outside conditions, our patio heaters will fire up and continue heating your outdoor restaurant. Because of their reliability and versatility, Calcana’s infrared patio heaters appear in outdoor restaurants and home patios internationally throughout North America and Europe.

View our video from the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Show.


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