The Most Efficient Garage Heaters

Garage heaters for residential and commercial use!

Garage heaters are essential for keeping your garage shop open all year round. Perfect for enclosed or semi–enclosed garages, garage heaters from Patio Heater USA are designed to efficiently meet your heating needs. Patio Heater USA proudly supplies Calcana infrared heaters, the safest and most efficient heaters on the market.

Garages are typically full of equipment, so safety is key when it comes to garage heating. That’s why Calcana heaters garage heatersare one of the safest infrared heaters, with absolutely no flames or glowing red parts!

In addition to safety, our garage heaters offer high output and high-efficiency. They run on just pennies per hour on either propane or natural gas fuel. Calcana’s patented heaters utilize infrared heating technology to most efficiently warm any space in any weather.

For added comfort and efficiency, our infrared heaters come complete with a remote control. Adjust exactly to your needs, from Low heat to High heat.

Need a garage heater but don’t have the space for one? With Calcana heaters, there’s no need to sacrifice floor space for our heaters. They easily and securely mount on the ceiling or wall, allowing you to fully utilize your garage.

For more information about Calcana infrared heaters for garages, please contact Patio Heater USA!


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