The Best Outdoor Heaters for Fall Weather

Highlights From Our Best Outdoor Heaters for Fall

Get a head start on autumn by ordering the best outdoor heaters for your patio. With our selection of high–output infrared heaters, you’ll extend summer fun long into fall. Not to mention, our patio heaters include a sleek stainless steel frame that looks great in any environment.

Below we’ve selected just a few of our best outdoor heaters from our online patio heater shop.

1. High Output 5′ Heater- Propane and Natural Gas

Our high output series comprises of the best outdoor heaters made with 304 stainless steel. What’s more, their convenient size makes them perfect for residential patios and small breakfast nooks. See our online shop for the propane heater and natural gas outdoor heater models.

2. High Output 10′ Heater with Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Patio Heater USA supplies the only outdoor heaters available in 316 marine grade stainless steel. Designed for year–long outdoor use, our infrared patio heaters operate in virtually any weather! As with all our heaters, these heaters are available in both propane and natural gas.

3. Standard Output 20′ Commercial Heater

While all of our best outdoor heaters are ideal for both residential and commercial use, our standard output 20′ provides the maximum heat coverage for your dollar. That’s why our clients most often utilize our 20′ patio heater for restaurants, garages and sports complexes. They’re designed to keep large crowds comfortably warm in any weather.

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