Watch a Calcana Garage Heater Installation!

Calana Garage Heater Demonstration

In the market for a Calcana garage heater but not sure what to expect? Then this video from Josh the Gasfitter will give you an idea of what a Calcana heater installation looks like.

At Patio Heater USA, our clients order Calcana garage heaters for a variety of reasons. To start, we serve a range of residential and commercial clients. Homes, small businesses, patio restaurants, golf clubs and sports complexes are just a few places where you can find Calcana outdoor heaters.

Garage heaters are absolutely necessary to keep business functioning all year round. Whether you use your garage for DIY projects or as a commercial workshop, garage heaters will keep you, your employees and your customers happy. Calcana heaters come in a variety of sizes, fuel types and outputs, offering the perfect heater for any sized garage.

In the following heater installation video, Josh the Gasfitter installs a 15-foot Calcana garage heater. General measurement guidelines suggest hanging the heater 4” from ceiling and 4” from back wall. For more detailed information about measurements, please see our clearance to combustibles page.

A Calcana Garage Heater’s Best Features

This video is a great opportunity to see some of Calcana heaters’ best features, such as the patented thermostat and modular control. As a natural gas garage heater, you’ll also see how Josh the Gasfitter integrates the heater with the home gas supply.

Finally, you’ll see not only the Calcana garage heater installation, but also the transformation of a garage remodel from start to finish. As demonstrated in the video, a stylish but practical stainless steel Calcana heater blends seamlessly with any space.

Don’t wait to keep your garage warm this winter! Visit our garage heater online shop and order a Calcana garage heater today! Make your home or commercial garage a more productive and comfortable place to be.

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