The Year’s Best Radiant Patio Heater Models

The Best Radiant Patio Heater of 2017

Looking for the best radiant patio heater for your porch, garden or garage? Then look no further than Patio Heater USA! We not only offer the most energy efficient outdoor heaters, but also the most durable.

For one thing, our clients regularly rate our heaters the best patio heater to purchase. That’s because Patio Heater USA’s Calcana heaters include patented radiant heating technology. Not to mention weatherproof stainless steel frames! As a result, we deliver the best radiant patio heater models in both efficiency and sturdiness.

The Most Efficient Infrared Radiant Heating

Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater selection distinguishes itself by efficient infrared radiant heaters. Since our heating technology is patent protected, it’s impossible to imitate in other outdoor heater brands.

So what’s so special about infrared radiant heat? Infrared heat steadily and efficiently warms its surroundings much like the sun warms the earth- of course, without harmful UV rays. While normal space heaters blow hot air around, a Calcana radiant patio heater transmits heat to surfaces, objects and people. Therefore the area stays warmer with less energy.

radiant patio heater

Maximum Durability with Stainless Steel Heaters

In addition to offering the market’s most efficient heating, our radiant patio heater selection comprises entirely of stainless steel frames. Given that outdoor heaters spend their lives exposed to the elements, a truly weatherproof, durable stainless steel frame is essential.

Patio Heater USA is one of the few radiant patio heater suppliers to offer marine grade stainless steel heaters. That means that our patio heaters are prepared to last in rain, snow and wind. In fact, they’re certified in temperatures as low as –40°F.

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If your home or restaurant patio needs some comfortable warmth, contact Patio Heater USA online or at 800–778–6729. Our representatives are standing by to help you select the best radiant patio heater for your needs.


Ceiling Patio Heaters

Mounted Ceiling Patio Heaters for Efficient Heating

Why buy ceiling patio heaters? Patio Heater USA provides a variety of wall and ceiling mounted heaters in different fuel types and sizes. We have four reasons to invest in the best mounted patio heater money can buy!

  1. More Floor Space

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to worry about is creating space for your new outdoor heater. Whether you need to warm up a large commercial space or a small home patio, rearranging your floor plan can be a pain. Fortunately, ceiling patio heaters allow you to keep your chairs and tables exactly where they are.

  1. The Safest Outdoor Heating

outdoor-patio-heaterWhen it comes to mushroom-style or floor-standing patio heaters, safety becomes a top concern. Tripping over cords or accidentally bumping into the heaters are common accidents with these types of heaters. In contrast to mushroom-style heaters, ceiling patio heaters remain out of harm’s way. Not only are they far out of reach of children, but they also pose no danger of being knocked over.

Specifically, ceiling-mounted heaters from Patio Heater USA boast extremely low clearance-to-combustibles. That means they can be mounted on nearly any material, wooden beams.

  1. Higher Efficiency

Because of their strategic position, ceiling-mounted patio heaters direct their heat only to the people and places you want to keep warm. As a result, you save on fuel and heating bills.

  1. Easy Installation

While floor-standing patio heaters require daily setup and breakdown, ceiling patio heaters need only a one-time, easy installation. Their sturdy, stainless steel construction makes them weatherproof and durable. Regardless of weather conditions, your ceiling patio heater can withstand wind, rain and snow and temperature up to -40F.  

Please contact Patio Heater USA for more information about our ceiling patio heaters or shop online for patio heaters right now! We guarantee quality in outdoor infrared heating.


Warm Up with Radiant Patio Heaters!

High–Efficiency Radiant Patio Heaters

Radiant patio heaters are the number one way to stay warm outdoors. Not only do they offer high–efficiency outdoor heating, but also the best durability. Thanks to radiant patio heaters, you can create a comfortable outdoor temperature while minimizing heating costs.

Infrared heating is the secret to a radiant patio heater’s efficiency. Instead of heating surrounding air, an infrared heater evenly warms objects, surfaces and people. It’s a safe source of thermal energy, warming objects just like the sun.

radiant patio heaters

Infrared outdoor heaters for restaurant and home patios.

Patio Heater USA offers patented infrared radiant heaters with the latest infrared heating technology. Our outdoor heaters efficiently convert natural gas and propane into infrared radiant heat. In fact, our heaters are so efficient that their running costs come out at just pennies per hour.

Additionally, we use nothing but the finest marine grade stainless steel to produce our patio heaters. That’s what makes our heaters even more durable and weather proof. Patio Heater USA guarantees fully functioning patio heaters in rain, wind, snow or sun.


Residential and Commercial Radiant Patio Heaters

We are proud to be the official supplier of Calcana outdoor heaters. Known throughout the heating industry for quality and efficiency, Calcana heaters can be found in both residential and commercial settings.

Due to their high–efficiency, Calcana heaters are accessible to homeowners as a viable option for outdoor heating. Many homeowners wishing to spend more time enjoying their patio turn to Patio Heater USA for efficient radiant patio heaters.

Finally, Patio Heater USA provides outdoor heaters for restaurants, sports complexes, garages as well as other commercial settings. When businesses invest in outdoor heating, they turn to Calcana heaters from Patio Heater USA.

Patio Heater USA’s representatives are on the line for your call. Please contact Patio Heater USA for more information about radiant patio heaters, or shop outdoor heaters online right now!

The Power of an Efficient Patio Heater

Discover what an efficient patio heater can do!

An efficient patio heater is the best way to improve your outdoor deck or patio. While managing indoor room temperature is easy, adjusting outside temperature requires high–end outdoor heaters.

Comfort is key in any living space, and comfort starts with pleasant temperature. That’s where Patio Heater USA comes in. We’re the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters, offering a great selection of efficient patio heater models. With a Calcana outdoor heater, your patio will gain a will gain new comfort level.

efficient patio heater

The most durable, efficient outdoor heaters. 

Natural Gas or Propane Heater?

If you have a preference between natural gas or propane fuel, you’re in the right place! We offer both natural gas and propane heaters.

Having trouble deciding between propane and natural gas? Feel free to contact Patio Heater USA to discuss your heating options. Because fuel prices tend to vary by region, you may greatly benefit from one or the other. Our knowledgeable and friendly patio heater consultants can answer any fuel–related questions.

The Best Residential and Commercial Patio Heater

In addition to residential patios, our outdoor heaters improve commercial buildings and restaurant patios. Homeowners and restaurant owners alike prefer Calcana patio heaters over any other.

For home decks and patios, an efficient patio heater gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors anytime. With our patented remote control, you can adjust the temperature exactly to your preference.

Restaurant owners love Calcana patio heaters for a variety of reasons. Running at just pennies per hour, our heaters save restaurants thousands of dollars in heating bills each year. In addition to efficiency, Calcana heaters are safe. Because they include no flames or glowing red parts, they have an incredibly low clearance–to–combustibles ratio.

Don’t keep your patio or your guests waiting– contact Patio Heater USA today! Our representatives are standing by at 800–778–6729.

Infrared Outdoor Heaters for Decks and Patios

Outfit your patio with infrared outdoor heaters today!

If you need an efficient heater for your patio, then infrared outdoor heaters are your answer. Patio Heater USA is the official supplier of Calcana outdoor heaters– the most reliable and efficient patio heaters available.

Utilizing the patented infrared heating technology, our outdoor heaters warm surroundings with radiant heat. While most heaters heat air, infrared outdoor heaters use thermal heating to warm surfaces and people. That’s why Calcana outdoor heaters are the most efficient heaters money can buy!

Not only are Calcana heaters efficient, they are also incredibly safe. Our infrared heaters feature no flames or glowing red parts, allowing for extremely low clearance–to–combustibles.

infrared outdoor heaters

Efficient outdoor heating for any outside space with Calcana patio heaters!

Calcana infrared outdoor heaters run on propane or natural gas. Choose from a variety of heater models to find the best fuel type and size for your needs. All of our outdoor heaters are high–output, high–performance.

Comfortable, efficient heating is a great way to make outdoor spaces more welcoming. Patio Heater USA is dedicated to providing the best infrared outdoor heaters for all heating needs, commercial or residential. Thousands of homes, restaurants and other commercial spaces already feature Calcana infrared heaters.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Patio Heater USA today to find the best infrared outdoor heater for you.

Outdoor Rooms Need Outdoor Heaters

Increasing trend of outdoor rooms made more comfortable with outdoor heaters

Have you considered adding an outdoor room to your home? More and more people are longing to spend their free time outside. Naturally, the trend has caused an increased interest in efficient outdoor heaters.

When creating an outdoor environment where you can relax and entertain, it’s important to remember that you can even control the temperature outside. With outside heaters available from Patio Heater USA, you can ensure a chilly summer night will be as comfortable as it would in your own living room. You can even spend winter days outside soaking up some of scarce winter sun while warm and toasty beneath your outdoor heater.


Calcana infrared patio heaters from Patio Heater USA.

Our outdoor heaters can mean the difference of up to 20 degrees or more within the stated area. A cool autumn night with a slight chill of 50 degrees can be transformed into a comfortable 70 degree lounge with minimal power requirements. Our outdoor heaters are the only heaters on the market with true variable heat capacity.

Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA provide you with a wide temperature range, making our heaters suitable for all seasons and any heat preference. Our outdoor heaters are also infrared, so they will not waste any energy producing visible light. Instead out our infrared heaters emit pure heat to a large area, ensuring you maximum comfort in the outdoors.

Welcome Spring with Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters for patio spring heating

It’s the season for Calcana outdoor heaters! For people living in cooler climates, the first days of spring are always welcome but not always warm. In the northern United States, you may need to wait as late as July for pleasantly warm nights. But with Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA, you can begin enjoying pleasantly warm weather right now!


Outdoor heaters for home and restaurant patios.

Our outdoor heaters are some of the most efficient heaters on the market. They run on natural gas or propane, depending on the heater model and fuel type you prefer. Both propane and natural gas heaters run for just pennies per hour.

Calcana outdoor heaters are protected under five patents in the US and Canada. Developed by request of the restaurant industry, they are ideal of efficiently and effectively heating large spaces. You’ll find our outdoor heaters in thousands of restaurants throughout North America.

In addition to restaurant patios, Calcana outdoor heaters are incredibly popular for outdoor home patios, gardens and garages. Commercial uses include warehouses and sportsplexes.

Now that spring is finally here, you can finally use your outdoor patio! Whether you’re looking forward to beginning your outdoor dining season or spending quality time on your home patio, Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA will make your outside experience a comfortable one.


Garage Heater Installation Demonstration

See how a Calcana garage heater transforms this home!

A Calcana garage heater keeps garages usable all year round. In colder climates, garages or sun rooms may become uninhabitable during winter. This winter make the most of your entire home with a Calcana garage heater from Patio Heater USA.

As you can see from the video below, Calcana outdoor heating systems offer a range of unique features. Our wall or ceiling–mounted stainless steel frames offer safety and convenience. No need to rearrange your floor plan for these heaters. Calcana also garage heaters include a patented remote control, allowing you to adjust the radiant heat to your needs.

Although the heater featured below is 20 feet long, Calcana heaters are available in a number of dimensions. Choose from a variety of sizes and fuel types in our Outdoor Heater Selection Guide.

Garage heater installation can be done on–site with simple hand tools. Each radiant heater is carefully delivered to your home or restaurant, ready for easy assembly. All the information you need for your garage heater installation can be found in our Installation Manual.

If you’d like to see a Calcana garage heater in action, check out the YouTube video below. As the official supplier of Calcana outdoor heaters, Patio Heater USA is highly experienced in helping customers find the right heater for their needs. Contact Patio Heater USA today to see how we can improve your garage with infrared heaters.


Low–Cost, Efficient Heaters

Efficient heaters for outdoor heating

Worried about extra heating costs this winter? Minimize your heating bill with efficient heaters from Patio Heater USA. Our outdoor heaters are guaranteed to provide even, radiant heat in any weather.

outdoor efficient heaters

Patio Heaters USA is your resource for efficient heaters this winter.

Shop online for efficient heaters our outdoor heater store. Choose at from a variety of propane or natural gas, stainless steal heating options. Protected by four US patents, our infrared heaters are sure to bring you quality heating at a low cost.

In addition to durable and efficient heaters, you’ll find highly competitive prices for restaurant and outdoor heating. Operating at just pennies per hour, a Calcana outdoor heater pays for itself in no time. Complete with a patented stainless steel frame, our heaters are long–lasting.

See Patio Heater USA’s efficient heaters gallery for more information about the best patio heating method for your needs. Whether you’re a home owner looking to enjoy your outdoor deck or an entrepreneur looking for efficient restaurant heating, we have the right heater for you.

Contact Patio Heater USA to invest in an efficient heater for your home, restaurant or sports complex.



Outdoor heaters create warm environment for homeless shelter

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, one homeless shelter is attempting to create an welcoming shelter from the bitter New Mexican winter cold using patio heaters.  The Interfaith Community Shelter in Santa Fe has just recently opened their doors to those in need, providing shelter and food with a mission to prevent New Mexico’s homeless from winter exposure. Their newly planted locust trees will provide shade during the warmer times, and, according to The Santa Fe New Mexican, “…as the weather cools, three outdoor heaters on the patio will keep them comfortable.” outdoor-overhead-heatingThe shelter have even provided outdoor heaters at the side entrance to provide life-saving warmth to those waiting in line to check in. They hope to provide safe and cozy environment for all.

Outdoor heaters are not only perfect for high-end restaurants and commercial buildings, but homes as well. With November just around the corners fall is turning to winter and if you are experiencing a chill, Patio Heater USA offers the most efficient outdoor heaters to get the most bang for your buck to help keep you and your family warm. And with some of the lowest prices in the industry, why wait until summer to enjoy your outdoor space when you can be comfortable year round?