The Benefits of Outdoor Infrared Heating

Efficient Infrared Heating for Outdoor Spaces

Imagine standing in a patch of shade on a cool but sunny day. The moment you step into the sun you suddenly feel much warmer, despite the fact that the air temperature remains the same. Thanks to the sun’s radiant heat, we can warm ourselves in the sunlight or cool off in the shade.

Infrared heaters heat an area much like the sun heats the earth. Similar to the sun’s rays, the heater’s radiant heat gently warms surfaces such as floors, tables and people. In short, infrared heating allows you to enjoy all the benefits of sun-like heat without harmful ultraviolet rays.

So when the sun sets, outdoor infrared heating is the best way to maintain gentle, cost effective warmth on your patio. While regular space heaters simply blow hot air that quickly dissipates, infrared heaters offer the most efficient heating. By heating objects rather than air, they keep your patio warmer for longer and cheaper.

Infrared Heating with Stylish Stainless Steel

Not only does Patio Heater USA offer efficient heating, but also style. We design our high–end infrared heaters with stainless steel frames, adding both durability and good taste. In addition to looking great, our stainless steel heaters withstand extreme temperatures and weather.

With one easy installation, you can enjoy your patio heater any time of the year. Their stainless steel frames are wall and ceiling mountable. So they stay conveniently out of your way while tastefully blending in with their surroundings.

infrared heating

Infrared Heating for Patios, Gardens, Garages and More!

Infrared heaters are great for both enclosed and semi–enclosed spaces. Warm up your outdoor patio for dinner parties, or make your garden a comfortably warm haven all year round. For both commercial and residential garages, infrared heating creates a pleasant temperature even in winter.

For more information about the best infrared heater for you, please call Patio Heater USA at 800–778–6729 or contact us online.

Infrared Heat Explained

The Science and Benefits of Infrared Heat

Infrared heat is the most natural form of heat. In fact, humans have depended on infrared heat since the beginning of history. The heat from a log fire, the sun and even our bodies are all examples of infrared heating.

As a type of radiant heat, infrared waves heat objects with incredible efficiency. For example, recall the last time you sat next to a log fire. You probably noticed that, even from a distance, the heat from the flames warmed your body, your chair and any surrounding objects.

In the past fifty years, the emergence of fossil fuels created a demand for less effective forms of heating. Although the fuel was cheap, the quality of heat simply wasn’t the same. Rather than heating people and objects, these heaters only heated surrounding air.

As result, we’ve seen a recent resurgence in the demand for quality infrared heaters. Not only are heating prices going up, but customers are realizing that nothing compares to infrared heating that lasts. In the long run, it pays to stay with natural, quality infrared heat.

infrared heat

How Calcana Patio Heaters Use Infrared Heat

At Patio Heater USA, we are proud to be the official supplier of Calcana infrared heaters. Utilized for outdoor patio and garage use, Calcana heaters rate among the best infrared heaters on the market.

Our heaters boast the latest infrared heating technology, protected with four U.S. patents. In addition to providing efficient and effective outdoor heating, Calcana infrared heaters are incredibly safe. Because they have no open flames, they offer a low clearance to combustibles ratio. In fact, they are safe to mount on a variety of materials, even on wooden frames.

For more information about how are heaters utilize infrared heat to provide efficient outdoor heating, please contact us at 800–778–6729.

The Power of an Efficient Patio Heater

Discover what an efficient patio heater can do!

An efficient patio heater is the best way to improve your outdoor deck or patio. While managing indoor room temperature is easy, adjusting outside temperature requires high–end outdoor heaters.

Comfort is key in any living space, and comfort starts with pleasant temperature. That’s where Patio Heater USA comes in. We’re the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters, offering a great selection of efficient patio heater models. With a Calcana outdoor heater, your patio will gain a will gain new comfort level.

efficient patio heater

The most durable, efficient outdoor heaters. 

Natural Gas or Propane Heater?

If you have a preference between natural gas or propane fuel, you’re in the right place! We offer both natural gas and propane heaters.

Having trouble deciding between propane and natural gas? Feel free to contact Patio Heater USA to discuss your heating options. Because fuel prices tend to vary by region, you may greatly benefit from one or the other. Our knowledgeable and friendly patio heater consultants can answer any fuel–related questions.

The Best Residential and Commercial Patio Heater

In addition to residential patios, our outdoor heaters improve commercial buildings and restaurant patios. Homeowners and restaurant owners alike prefer Calcana patio heaters over any other.

For home decks and patios, an efficient patio heater gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors anytime. With our patented remote control, you can adjust the temperature exactly to your preference.

Restaurant owners love Calcana patio heaters for a variety of reasons. Running at just pennies per hour, our heaters save restaurants thousands of dollars in heating bills each year. In addition to efficiency, Calcana heaters are safe. Because they include no flames or glowing red parts, they have an incredibly low clearance–to–combustibles ratio.

Don’t keep your patio or your guests waiting– contact Patio Heater USA today! Our representatives are standing by at 800–778–6729.

Invest in the Best Patio Heaters with Calcana

Offering the best patio heaters for homes, restaurants and more!

Don’t settle for anything less than the best patio heaters! When it comes to outdoor heating, Calcana outdoor heaters deliver quality on all levels.

First, our patio heaters are designed specifically for outdoor use. As a result, they are incredibly effective. Other heaters simply heat the surrounding air, making your heating bills blow away in the wind! Meanwhile, Calcana patio heaters use infrared heating technology to gently warm surfaces and people.

best patio heaters

Put Calcana patio heaters to use in your home or restaurant!

But Calcana’s best patio heaters don’t just provide heating that works, they also offer the most efficient heating! Our outdoor heaters are known internationally for durability and efficiency. We make your investment worthwhile.

Unlike lamp heaters or mushroom heaters, Calcana outdoor heaters are wall and ceiling–mounted. That means greater floor space for your deck or patio! Additionally, wall and ceiling–mounted patio heaters mean safer heating. With Calcana patio heaters mean there’s no need to worry about knocking over floor or table heaters.

Instead of throwing your heating budget away on other brands, invest in the best patio heaters today! You’ll find the highest quality heaters with Calcana. Call us today and finally know the freedom of quality outdoor heating.

The Most Efficient Garage Heaters

Garage heaters for residential and commercial use!

Garage heaters are essential for keeping your garage shop open all year round. Perfect for enclosed or semi–enclosed garages, garage heaters from Patio Heater USA are designed to efficiently meet your heating needs. Patio Heater USA proudly supplies Calcana infrared heaters, the safest and most efficient heaters on the market.

Garages are typically full of equipment, so safety is key when it comes to garage heating. That’s why Calcana heaters garage heatersare one of the safest infrared heaters, with absolutely no flames or glowing red parts!

In addition to safety, our garage heaters offer high output and high-efficiency. They run on just pennies per hour on either propane or natural gas fuel. Calcana’s patented heaters utilize infrared heating technology to most efficiently warm any space in any weather.

For added comfort and efficiency, our infrared heaters come complete with a remote control. Adjust exactly to your needs, from Low heat to High heat.

Need a garage heater but don’t have the space for one? With Calcana heaters, there’s no need to sacrifice floor space for our heaters. They easily and securely mount on the ceiling or wall, allowing you to fully utilize your garage.

For more information about Calcana infrared heaters for garages, please contact Patio Heater USA!


Try a Propane Patio Heater for Your Home!

Infrared propane patio heater for high–efficiency

What makes a Calcana propane patio heater so special? With patented infrared heater technology, our patio heaters disperse warmth evenly. Unlike most patio heaters, our infrared outdoor heaters don’t heat air that blows away in the wind. They emit thermal heating energy, warming surfaces and people rather than air.

But infrared heating is just one of a Calcana propane patio heater’s many benefits. Utilizing either natural gas or propane fuel, Calcana produces the most fuel–efficient heaters. Enjoy comfortable warmth in any weather– at just pennies per hour!

propane patio heater

High–efficiency outdoor heaters with infrared heating technology.

Calcana heaters’ unique high–efficiency features don’t end with infrared technology. Each propane patio heater includes a remote controller for variable heat output. While most heaters offer a limited range of settings, Calcana outdoor heaters’ heat output is completely customizeable. Whether you need just enough warmth for early fall or full–on heat for a snowy winter day, Calcana heaters have a setting for your personal comfort level.

Calcana heaters are so efficient that many homeowners find one propane patio heater provides enough heat for the whole family. For restaurants or large commercial areas, many managers choose to place several outdoor heaters throughout their outdoor area. Choose from a wide selection of outdoor heater models, varying in both size and fuel types!



Low–Cost, Efficient Heaters

Efficient heaters for outdoor heating

Worried about extra heating costs this winter? Minimize your heating bill with efficient heaters from Patio Heater USA. Our outdoor heaters are guaranteed to provide even, radiant heat in any weather.

outdoor efficient heaters

Patio Heaters USA is your resource for efficient heaters this winter.

Shop online for efficient heaters our outdoor heater store. Choose at from a variety of propane or natural gas, stainless steal heating options. Protected by four US patents, our infrared heaters are sure to bring you quality heating at a low cost.

In addition to durable and efficient heaters, you’ll find highly competitive prices for restaurant and outdoor heating. Operating at just pennies per hour, a Calcana outdoor heater pays for itself in no time. Complete with a patented stainless steel frame, our heaters are long–lasting.

See Patio Heater USA’s efficient heaters gallery for more information about the best patio heating method for your needs. Whether you’re a home owner looking to enjoy your outdoor deck or an entrepreneur looking for efficient restaurant heating, we have the right heater for you.

Contact Patio Heater USA to invest in an efficient heater for your home, restaurant or sports complex.



Most Efficient Outdoor Heater

Add an efficient outdoor heater to your patio!

Has your outside patio been cooling down with the start of fall? Investing in an efficient outdoor heater is the perfect solution to chilly weather. An efficient outdoor heater allows you to enjoy your patio any time of year.

efficient outdoor heater

Make the most of your patio with Calcana outdoor heaters.

Patio Heater USA supplies Calcana outdoor heaters, known to be the most efficient and durable heaters on the market. Our infrared heaters are featured in home and restaurant patios throughout the globe.

A truly efficient outdoor heater not only lasts for years, it should also save heating costs. Calcana’s patio heaters will save you money in any weather. Not only do our heaters include a patented stainless steel frame, they run efficiently on propane or natural gas for just pennies per hour.

For miniscule operating costs you can enjoy infrared radiant heat in your outdoor patio. If you’ve made the built yourself a deck or patio, make the investment to really enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with an efficient outdoor heater.

A restaurant patio is also a great place for an efficient outdoor heater. With wall and ceiling–mounted capabilities, they’re perfect for saving floor space and increasing dining space. Don’t let your customers freeze this fall– invest in outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA!



Most Efficient Restaurant Patio Gas Heater

Find the best patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant.

Calcana gas heaters are sure to spice up your outdoor restaurant! With even, comfortable warmth, patio gas heaters provide a welcoming environment for guests.

Outdoor patio heaters also help restaurants extend their dining seasons, making profits stay hot even as the weather cools down! The advantages of outdoor gas heaters are endless.

Though outdoor heaters keep customers coming in the door, they still add to your operating costs. Therefore it is essential to choose the most efficient patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant.

Calcana gas heaters from Patio Heater USA are internationally known for their efficient heating systems. Operating at just pennies per hour, Calcana patio heaters are protected by several US patents for their unique design. Choose from propane or natural gas, both low–cost heating fuels.


Infrared patio gas heaters efficiently heat restaurants while saving floor space.

Our gas patio heaters are not only fuel efficient– they’re space efficient, too! Each heater’s patented stainless steel frame is wall or ceiling mounted. No need to remove seating to make room for floor–standing heaters, and there’s no danger of knocking over large outdoor heaters. Calcana patio gas heaters safely provide your customers with heating from the ceiling or wall.

How do you choose the right patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant? Try the Patio Heater USA Heater Model Selection Guide, where you’ll find straight forward guidelines for deciding on an outdoor heating system.

Efficient Outdoor Restaurant Heaters

Lower heating bills with efficient outdoor heaters.

Heating and HVAC make up 28% of the average restaurant’s operation costs. According to ELPC organization, heating and other HVAC costs are a restaurant’s highest expense after cooking.

outdoor restaurant heatersWhile many owners consider their indoor or outdoor restaurant heaters a fixed cost, investing in energy efficient heaters and adjusting your restaurant’s heating thermostat during non-business hours help minimize heating bills.

Calcana’s energy efficient indoor and outdoor restaurant heaters cost pennies per hour to heat your patio or outdoor restaurant. With our patented infrared heating system and adjustable thermostat, our patio heaters warm a restaurant to the desired temperature in just one hour.

Contact Patio Heater USA today to see how our outdoor restaurant heaters can help with your restaurant’s heating needs!