The Best Outdoor Heaters for Fall Weather

Highlights From Our Best Outdoor Heaters for Fall

Get a head start on autumn by ordering the best outdoor heaters for your patio. With our selection of high–output infrared heaters, you’ll extend summer fun long into fall. Not to mention, our patio heaters include a sleek stainless steel frame that looks great in any environment.

Below we’ve selected just a few of our best outdoor heaters from our online patio heater shop.

1. High Output 5′ Heater- Propane and Natural Gas

Our high output series comprises of the best outdoor heaters made with 304 stainless steel. What’s more, their convenient size makes them perfect for residential patios and small breakfast nooks. See our online shop for the propane heater and natural gas outdoor heater models.

2. High Output 10′ Heater with Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Patio Heater USA supplies the only outdoor heaters available in 316 marine grade stainless steel. Designed for year–long outdoor use, our infrared patio heaters operate in virtually any weather! As with all our heaters, these heaters are available in both propane and natural gas.

3. Standard Output 20′ Commercial Heater

While all of our best outdoor heaters are ideal for both residential and commercial use, our standard output 20′ provides the maximum heat coverage for your dollar. That’s why our clients most often utilize our 20′ patio heater for restaurants, garages and sports complexes. They’re designed to keep large crowds comfortably warm in any weather.

The Best Outdoor Heating from Calcana

Quality Outdoor Heating for Commercial and Residential Use

Introducing the best outdoor heating systems for patios, garages, sports complexes and more! Patio Heater USA is proud to be the official supplier of Calcana outdoor heaters. Known for providing the most efficient, durable outdoor heaters, Calcana specializes in outdoor heating.

At Patio Heater USA, we understand the need for low–cost, effective heating. Outdoor patios and semi–enclosed spaces can be difficult to keep warm, especially in windy areas. Furthermore, many space heaters simply don’t offer the heat output required for outdoor heating.

If you’re having trouble keeping your outdoor patio or garage warm, look no further than Calcana outdoor heaters. They offer simply the best outdoor heating. In fact, Calcana founder John Vancak developed Calcana patio heaters specifically for commercial use. As a result, thousands of restaurants throughout the United States now turn to Calcana for quality outdoor heating.

Discover the Many Uses for the Best Outdoor Heating!

Though restaurant patios are our most frequent clients, we also supply outdoor heaters for other types of residential and commercial outdoor heating. For example, thousands of homeowners have invested in a Calcana patio heater for their residential heating needs. For dinner parties or quality family time, Calcana heaters offer a cozy environment on outdoor patios and porches.

best outdoor heating

In addition to outdoor restaurants, Calcana patio heaters are utilized in a number of commercial settings. Because car shops, garages and other semi–closed spaces tend to get chilly in winter, many depend on our outdoor heaters to keep both their workers and clients comfortably warm. Sports complexes also employ Calcana patio heaters for efficient heating in large, open areas.

Whether you need residential or commercial outdoor heaters, contact Patio Heater USA today for more information about the best outdoor heating. Our representatives will be happy to inform you about our many options for efficient and long–lasting patio heaters.

The Top Rated Patio Heaters

What can top rated patio heaters offer you?

Calcana provides the top–rated patio heaters on the market. Designed for the most efficient outside heating, Calcana heaters from Patio Heater USA consistently rank as the best outdoor heaters.

First, Calcana outdoor heaters easily mount on the–style wall or ceiling. Unlike mushroom–style heaters, they offer the most efficient heating results without occupying floor space. And what’s more, our heaters have no flames or glowing red parts. That means they’re safe to use in virtually any structure and offer incredibly low clearance to combustibles restrictions.

As a manufacturer of top rated patio heaters, Calcana takes pride in providing the most efficient outdoor heaters. We offer clients a wide selection of both propane and natural gas heaters. Thus, clients may select their preferred fuel choice based on propane and natural gas prices in their region.

Furthermore, Calcana’s top rated patio heaters emit infrared heat. Unlike flame or electronic heaters, our outdoor heaters gently warm people and surfaces. While other heaters merely heat the surrounding air, infrared heaters provide lasting, efficient heat.

When looking for an outdoor heater, it’s always important to check the BTUs, or British Thermal Units. Essentially, the more BTUs a heater has, the power and efficiency it has. Our heaters offer 40,000–75,000 BTUs per hour.

Finally, our top rated patio contain marine grade 316 stainless steel. In other words, they are highly resistant to corrosion and rust. In humidity, rain, snow and ice, our heaters continue functioning in all weather. In fact, they’re certified up to –40F weather conditions.

This year, discover for yourself why Calcana outdoor heaters consistently rank as the top rated patio heaters. Contact our outdoor heater representatives at 800–788–6729 during business hours or contact us online.

Space Heaters for Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

Transform your sunroom overnight with the best space heaters!

Space heaters make your sunroom an ideal place for family gatherings and dinner parties. On quiet days, a good space heater transforms your sunroom into a cozy nook for curling up with a good book.

Regardless of the weather, space heaters make your patio enclosure accessible. They’re an efficient alternative to restructuring your home’s central heating.

space-heatersWhether your winters are moderately cool or frigid, Calcana space heaters are the right choice. Each heater includes a remote controller, allowing users to set the most precise temperature settings. For example, a slightly chilly day might require a lower setting, while snowy days require higher heat.

Additionally, great space heaters like Calcana’s patio heaters transform a sunroom overnight. After a quick installation, your infrared space heater will be ready to go. Simply switch on the heater one hour before use to enjoy your fully heated sunroom.

Finally, Calcana produces the safest space heaters for sunrooms and patio enclosures. Not only do they allow for wall and ceiling installation, but also for extremely low clearance to combustibles. Most importantly, they contain absolutely no flames or glowing red parts! That means our heaters are safe for sunrooms and patio enclosures made of any material.

Don’t let your sunroom go dormant in the winter. On the contrary, make it a cozy gathering place all year round! With high–end, durable heaters, you can keep your sunroom or patio enclosure comfortably warm in any temperature.


5 Uses for Calcana Patio Heaters

Find out how customers use Calcana patio heaters!

Calcana patio heaters are essential for enjoying outdoor activities to the fullest. From residential leisure to commercial workshops, Calcana customers employ their patio heaters for a variety of uses. The following are just a few of the many uses for Calcana heaters!

calcana patio heaters

Outdoor heaters for home patios.

1. Residential decks and patios

While standard heaters don’t chase away the winter chill, Calcana patio heaters make your deck a comfortable space all year round. Host family gatherings, dinner parties or a relaxing evening under the stars- all while staying comfortably warm!

2. Outdoor Restaurant Patios

When restaurant owners want quality, they choose Calcana. That’s because Calcana heaters warm outdoor spaces with a patented, fuel–efficient infrared design. It’s no wonder that restaurant owners regard Calcana heaters as the best restaurant heaters on the market.

3. Garages and Workshops

Outdoor heating doesn’t stop at leisure activities. Calcana clients also utilize our heaters for both residential and commercial garages. Because garages typically don’t include indoor heating, infrared heaters make for great garage heaters. For a better idea of how our heaters can improve garages, watch a Calcana garage heater installation.

4. Sunrooms

Like garages, sunrooms rarely include indoor heating. However, thanks to efficient and effective infrared heating, homeowners can now fully use their sunrooms. Perfect for Sunday brunch, a playroom or an extra living space.

5. Commercial Sports Complexes

Large spaces such as sports complexes often require an extra boost for winter heating. That’s when outdoor heaters like Calcana’s come in handy. Calcana patio heaters efficiently keep large spaces at a comfortable temperature for both players and spectators.

As a final note, just remember that patio heaters are utilized in nearly all climates! If you live in a warmer climate, patio heaters make winter life just as comfortable as summer. On the other hand, colder climates make patio heaters useful all year round.

Don’t wait to make your outdoor space more comfortable. Contact Patio Heater USA at 800–778–6729 or shop online for our patio heaters today!

Propane Patio Heaters from Calcana

The Most Efficient Propane Patio Heaters

Calcana propane patio heaters are already known as the industry’s best outdoor heaters. As the most efficient infrared outdoor heaters, they run on just pennies per hour in any weather. Additionally, their stainless steel frame provides protection and adds to their durability.

One of the great features of Calcana patio heaters is their patented remote control. The Heatwave Control Panel allows for variable infrared heat output settings. In fact, it’s part of what makes our heaters so efficient.

At Calcana, we believe that heat output should match your exact heating needs. Because our patio heaters are utilized all year round in various climates, they provide customizable heating settings. Whether you need slight heat to chase away the early fall chill, or full heating to warm your patio in the dead of winter, Calcana propane patio heaters are perfect for the job.

propane patio heaters

Patio heaters with adjustable remote control, for every climate and temperature.

What else can Calcana propane patio heaters do for you? Just check out some of our propane patio heaters’ many features and benefits!

  • The safest patio heater– no flames or glowing parts
  • Efficient heaters–40% less fuel usage
  • The latest infrared heater technology
  • Durable and maintenance free

We understand that each restaurant, home and industrial complex has unique heating needs. That’s why our Calcana patio heater representatives are ready for your call. If you have questions about selecting a patio heater for your needs, please contact Patio Heater USA.

Stainless Steel Patio Heaters add Home Value

Increase the value of your home by investing in stainless steel patio heaters.

Calcana stainless steel patio heaters are a wise investment for home owners. Fully operating all year round, our heaters make your outdoor patio, deck, garden or sunroom a more welcoming and comfortable space.

stainless-steel-patio-heatersIf you have already installed a beautiful outdoor deck or patio, adding a patio heater to your setup will increase its use and everyone’s outside enjoyment. Take full advantage of your outdoor space, regardless of temperature or weather.

Calcana stainless steel patio heaters are internationally renowned for their durability and efficiency. Clients may choose from a variety of outdoor heater models running on propane or natural gas. Complete with a marine grade stainless steel frame, our outdoor heaters are sure to be a long–term investment. They offer years of outdoor comfort and enjoyment.

If you want enhance your home with a Calcana outdoor heater, please contact Patio Heater USA today, the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters.

Best Gas Patio Heater Models

Discover the most efficient gas patio heater models with Calcana!

Calcana’s line of gas patio heater models include the most efficient heaters available. Out of the many variations of patio heaters, we offer the best gas patio heater models on the market.

When organizing a comfortable outdoor space, there are several points to keep in mind. A successfully designed, welcoming outdoor patio depends on the heater you choose.


Patented gas heaters for your outdoor patio.

We guarantee that the Calcana gas patio heater from Patio Heater USA will provide you with the best value. With stronger heating coverage, efficient operation and low heating cost, the Calcana patio heater is an investment that pays for itself.

Patio Heater USA offers outdoor heaters with unique characteristics including:

  • The market’s lowest clearance to combustible requirements–making the Calcana gas patio heater the safest available!
  • At 40,000 to 75,000 BTUs per hour, Calcana outdoor heaters have incredibly high output.
  • Our heaters’ heavy–duty stainless steel construction adds to their durability and value.

Additionally, each gas patio heater is CSA safety certified for commercial and residential use. Whether you’d like to make your home deck a welcoming place or heat your restaurant patio, Calcana outdoor heaters are your number one heating option.

Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Patios

Prepare your outdoor patio for spring with infrared heaters.

Are you ready to re-open your outdoor patio for the new season? With Calcana infrared heaters, you’ll be the first to have your patio running this year. The days are getting longer and warmer, so why not celebrate the outdoors early?

infrared heaters

Outdoor patio heaters make any space a comfortable one!

With outdoor infrared heaters, your patio will be a comfortable place to gather regardless of weather. In April
showers and pre–spring chill, Calcana infrared heaters from Patio Heater USA will continue operating flawlessly.

Calcana infrared heaters are protected under four U.S. patents. Their unique design allows for smooth operating in any weather. Not to mention, our infrared heaters are some of the most durable and efficient on the market!

If you’ve had enough of winter weather, call Patio Heater USA see what an infrared heater can do for you. We’ll be happy to answer any question and help you select the best outdoor heater model for your needs.


Outdoor Bar Patio Heaters

Enjoy your outdoor bar to the max with patio heaters!

People love the great outdoors. People love an outdoor bar with patio heaters even more. Just because it’s sweater weather doesn’t mean that you can’t host an incredibly fun and cozy party with an outdoor bar and patio heaters.

Entertaining friends and family in an outdoor space rain or shine (or snow for that matter) is something that will have everyone smiling. There is no better time to entertain outdoors than in the late winter and early spring. With events like march madness and the Super Bowl taking place during some of the colder months in most of the U.S. it can be a huge advantage to have an outdoor bar. Your friends can feel like they are at enjoying the best tailgate party of their lives while in the heated comfort of an outdoor patio with a full bar to match with our quality patio heaters.

outdoor bar patio heatersOur propane patio heaters eliminate the need for any wires or cords that people can trip over and keep heating your outdoor bar for hours without the need to change a tank during the big game. Our patio heaters use infrared technology that makes sure all of the heat is evenly dispersed and are wall or ceiling mounted so they wont take up any floor space. Your guests can be cozy and comfortable without having to worry about falling over anything while enjoying a brew al fresco.

With Patio Heater USA’s discount prices an outdoor bar are no longer just for fancy restaurants or sports venues. Check out our guide to the best patio heater to purchase to learn more and plan on inviting your friends over to stay warm while having a cold one.