Outdoor Heating Panels

Three Reasons to Use Outdoor Heating Panels

Outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA offer a number of advantages compared to free-standing heaters.

1. Efficiency with Infrared Outdoor Heating Panels

Unsurprisingly, when looking for an outdoor heater most customers’ main concern is efficiency. Efficient outdoor heating systems are essential for both financial and practical reasons. First, inefficient heaters use too much fuel, which in turn costs money to replace. Moreover, inefficient heaters simply lack the power to keep an outdoor space warm.

On the other hand, efficient heaters prove their worth by saving money and effectively heating open spaces. So what’s the secret to efficient outdoor heaters?

At Patio Heater USA, we take pride in offering patent-protected infrared outdoor heaters. In other words, our heaters emit infrared heat, warming outdoor areas much like the sun’s thermal heat warms the earth. That means that infrared heat concentrates on the target area rather than dispersing to surroundings.

2. More Floor Space

Naturally, homeowners owners value their houses’ floor space. In general, home patios are cozy but limited spaces. Therefore homeowners often try to maximize floor space whenever possible. When it comes to patio heaters, a free-standing heater is just one more thing to occupy limited space. On the other hand, outdoor heating panels provide comfortable warmth while conveniently mounted on ceilings or walls.

Similarly, restaurant owners also value their patios’ floor space. While restaurant patios tend to be much bigger than residential patios, each square foot counts. That’s because more floor space means more room for tables and customers. Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heating panels provide the perfect alternative to mushroom style heaters. In fact, thousands of restaurants around the country use our wall and ceiling mounted patio heaters.

outdoor heating panels

Infrared outdoor heating systems from Patio Heater USA.

3. Highest Safety Standards

Finally and most importantly, outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA are among the safest heaters available. Because they have no open flames or glowing red parts, they offer extremely low clearance-to-cumbustibles. In other words, they considerably reduce the risk of fire.

Additionally, because our heaters are wall and ceiling mounted, they pose no risk of being knocked over. While free-standing heaters can be bumped into or tripped over, our patio heaters are virtually problem-free.

In the end, outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA greatly improve the outdoor experience. They keep people comfortably warm while maintaining efficiency, floor space and safety standards. Shop for patio heaters online or call us today at 800–778–6729 for more information!

Overhead Heaters: The Patio Restaurant Solution

Transforming Restaurants with Overhead Heaters

No matter where you live, enjoying a meal outdoors is a universal delight. That’s why so many restaurants provide outdoor patios and terraces for their customers.

But when it comes to outdoor dining, there’s one key factor that can make or break the experience: temperature. Cold or even slightly cool temperatures result in an uncomfortable outdoor meal. On the other hand, an efficient overhead heater transforms an outdoor patio into a pleasantly warm oasis. In any weather!

At Patio Heater USA, we’ve built a decades-long relationship with the restaurant industry. In fact, back in the 1980s restaurant owners approached our founder John Vancak and requested long-lasting efficient outdoor heaters for their patios. As a result, John Vancak designed, patented and produced the industry’s most durable and trusted patio heaters.

The Importance of Overhead Heaters

So why buy overhead heaters as opposed to other models? In our 30 years of experience providing outdoor heating, we’ve consistently found that overhead heaters work best in restaurant patios.

First, an overhead heater targets the heating area with greater accuracy. While a free-standing patio heater next to the table only reaches the nearest clients, an overhead heater’s output spans the entire table.

Most importantly, as infrared heaters, our patio heaters are by far the safest patio heaters. Our outdoor heaters rely on propane and natural gas, therefore they require no electrical cords or outlets. Additionally, they’re mounted on the ceiling, far away from foot traffic. There’s virtually no danger of tripping over cords or accidentally knocking over heaters.

overhead heaters

Restaurant patios are ideal places for overhead heaters.

Order Your Overhead Heaters Today!

Browse our selection of overhead heaters online at Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater shop. We offer heaters in wide range of sizes, fuel types and heat outputs. For any questions, our Patio Heater USA’s representatives are ready for your call 24/7 at 800–778–6729!


Perfect Fall Patio Ideas

Fall Patio Decorating in Five Simple Steps

Is your fall patio ready to face the autumn chill? Fall is fast approaching, and for many of us it’s already here! That means it’s time to get out the cushions, blankets and patio heaters to make the most of this beautiful season.

1. Illuminate your Fall Patio with Color

Autumn’s color palette is easy, diverse and fun to experiment with. As the leaves on the trees turn brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, imitate nature by focusing on decorations and accessories of the same shades. Don’t forget that purples, forest greens and terra-cotta make for great fall colors, too!

2. Keep It Simple

The great thing about fall patio decorating is that it’s all about being casual. Instead of fancy, over-the-top decorations, use what you have. In fact, everyday objects like ladders and wooden chairs make for a great display. Don’t forget the gourds, apples and pumpkins from your local grocery store.

3. Make It Cozy

Nothing is more comforting than the feeling of being nice and warm when the weather outside turns chilly. It goes without saying that blankets and cushions are essential fall patio accessories. Add a wool tartan throw and don’t be afraid to add extra comfort with plenty of pillows.

fall patio heater

A fall patio is the best place to relax and enjoy the season.

4. Heat It Up

Fall means some seriously cold temperatures, especially in the mornings and evenings. In order to make your fall patio a refuge from the cold, consider buying an outdoor heater from Patio Heater USA.

At Patio Heater USA, we supply high-end stainless steel heaters trusted by homeowners and business owners around the globe. With patented heating technology, efficient outdoor heaters maintain patios at a comfortable warmth in virtually any weather.

5. Light It Up

Think stringed lights are just for winter holidays? Think again! Just one string of lights adds a warm and welcoming glow to a fall patio. If you’re looking for an extra twist, then experiment around with diamond or sphere-shaped light bulbs.

In the end, fall patio decorating is about making your home a welcoming place and celebrating the season. Have a Happy Fall from Patio Heater USA!

Infrared Patio Heater Options for Fall Weather

Warm up the outdoors with a Calcana infrared patio heater!

An infrared patio heater is the ideal outdoor heating option. Fuel–efficient, safe and convenient, infrared heaters provide comfortable warmth at a great price!

Calcana infrared outdoor heaters include a variety of models, sizes and fuel types. Because fuel prices vary, we allow our customers the freedom to choose between gas heaters and propane heaters. Additionally, we sell patio heaters in a variety of lengths, from 5 to 20 feet long.

We take pride in selling the best infrared patio heater on the market. In fact, all our outdoor heater models meet the highest standards of the heating industry:

  • Efficient. Developed with patented infrared technology, our heaters use 40% less fuel than standard heaters.
  • Safe. Infrared heaters utilize radiant heat, which means no glowing parts or flames!
  • Adjustable. Each heater includes a remote control, allowing for precise temperature adjustment.
  • Durable. Stainless steel construction and heat–treated infrared emitters, our heaters are built to last.

For a complete look at our patio heater models, please see Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater shop. You’ll find a variety of infrared heater models, such as our High Output 316 Stainless heaters.

infrared patio heater

Our infrared patio heaters are ideal for both restaurants and residential patios.

Our outdoor heaters are not only efficient, safe and long–lasting, but also incredibly convenient. Unlike standard lamp heaters, Calcana heaters are wall and ceiling–mounted. That means they take up zero floor space!

For home patios, wall and ceiling–mounted heaters means allow full use of outdoor patios– without worrying about creating space for a heater. Outdoor restaurants especially love this feature, as it frees up their dining area for more tables.

Whether you need to warm up your home patio or your restaurant’s dining area, Patio Heater USA is your answer. We are the official supplier of Calcana infrared patio heater models– simply the best outdoor heaters you can buy!

Why Buy an Outdoor Patio Heater?

Discover what a dependable, infrared outdoor patio heater can do for you.

Calcana’s wide selection of outdoor patio heater models includes varieties to suit all heating heeds. Whether you are an outdoor restaurant owner or home owner, you have a lot to gain from an outdoor heater investment. We offer the most efficient infrared heaters on the market.

Patio heaters allow you to take full advantage of your outdoor space all year round. Rather than spending time and money on building a costly addition to your house, make your outdoor patio or deck an additional gathering space. An outdoor patio heater is an essential step to ensuring year–round comfort.

Infrared outdoor heaters are especially practical for restaurant owners. Calcana patio heaters are already utilized in thousands of restaurants throughout North America and Europe. Over nearly twenty years, Calcana has developed an outstanding reputation as the restaurant industry’s leading outdoor patio heater manufacturer. Restaurant owners from the world over agree that our outdoor heaters are the most dependable and efficient commercial heating option.

What could you do with an outdoor patio heater? Just see our Patio Heater Gallery for dozens of examples of how our clients integrate patio heaters in their homes and outdoor restaurants. Please contact Calcana’s official supplier Patio Heater USA today to discuss your outdoor heating options.

Residential and Commercial Gas Patio Heater Benefits

The most efficient outdoor gas patio heater models

What could you do with a gas patio heater? Quality outdoor heaters provide outside heating for home patios, outdoor restaurants, warehouses and more. Calcana infrared heaters’ versatility, efficiency and durability makes them the best outdoor heaters on the market.

If you’re a restaurant owner, a gas patio heater lets you open up your dining patio any day of the year. Rather than waiting for the weather to warm up, install a Calcana patio heater. Not only will you be able to open your dining patio in colder weather, you’ll be able to keep it open later each day. A gas patio heater allows your outdoor restaurant a longer dining season and extended dining hours.


Contact Patio Heater USA to see how you can benefit from an outdoor patio heater!

Do you manage or own a large enclosed or semi–enclosed buildling, like a warehouse or sports complex? Calcana’s gas patio heater models are perfect for heating open spaces, keeping all occupants comfortably warm. Winter months can be especially cold for workers and visitors, but quality infrared heaters are an efficient, long–term solution.

A gas patio heater works wonders for residential outdoor patios. Thousands of homes throughout North America have decided to invest in a quality infrared outdoor heater from Calcana. The most efficient heaters on the market, Calcana outdoor heaters run on just pennies per hour on either propane or natural gas fuel.

For ideas of how a gas patio heater can benefit your home, restaurant or warehouse, please see our Outdoor Heaters Gallery. You’ll find how Calcana outdoor heaters have benefitted dozens of past and present customers of Patio Heater USA. Contact Patio Heater USA to speak with a representative today!


Infrared Outdoor Patio Heaters


Infrared heating technology with Calcana outdoor patio heaters

Calcana outdoor patio heaters from Patio Heater USA are your ideal cost–effective solution for outside heating.

Utilizing short wave infrared heating technology, our heaters offer the latest in outdoor heating. Infrared wave lengths heat objects, surfaces and people– not air. While other heaters heat only the surrounding air, Calcana patio heaters function effectively in even the windiest weather.


Infrared outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are easily installed anywhere.

The infrared heating technology patented in Calcana outdoor patio heaters produces the same warming effect as the sun, with no harmful ultraviolet rays. Experience the warmth of the sun at any time of day, in any weather!

To see how thousands of home and restaurant owners have invested in Calcana infrared heaters, just check out our Patio Heater Gallery. Our heaters are ceiling and wall mountable, making them easily adaptable to any environment.

Calcana’s highly efficient outdoor patio heaters run on either propane or natural gas fuel. Both fuels are cost–effective, allowing our heaters to operate at just pennies per hour.

Consider a Calcana outdoor patio heater this season. Keep everyone warm on your outdoor patio, rain or shine, wind or snow! Contact Patio Heater USA today for full information about our outdoor patio heaters.

Outdoor Patio Heater for Restaurants

The restaurant industry’s ideal outdoor patio heater

Are you looking to improve your restaurant and increase profits? Look no further than a Calcana outdoor patio heater. Calcana offers restaurants quality infrared heaters with a unique, highly efficient design. Thousands of outdoor restaurants throughout North America and Europe have already invested in a Calcana outdoor patio heater. Discover the benefits for yourself!

Fifteen years ago, Calcana owner John Vancak developed uniquely efficient and durable outdoor heaters for the restaurant industry. Ever since, Calcana has continuously expanded its market as well as its technology. Today, the Calcana outdoor patio heater design is protected by no less than four United States patents.

outdoor patio heater

An outdoor patio heater drastically improves restaurant patios.

Running on either natural gas or propane fuel, our outdoor patio heater offers restaurant owners a truly effective and efficient heating option. Calcana’s patented remote control allows your to adjust the temperature to keep your clients comfortably warm in any weather, from a slight chill to bitter cold.

You’ll find no flames or glowing red parts on a Cacana outdoor patio heater. We offer one of the safest patio heaters on the market, with extremely low clearance–to–combustibles. Our infrared heaters are ceiling and wall mountable, leaving floor space wide open for more tables and foot traffic.

Contact Patio Heater USA today, the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters. We’ll help you decide which outdoor patio heater is best for your restaurant’s needs.