Outdoor Heating Panels

Three Reasons to Use Outdoor Heating Panels

Outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA offer a number of advantages compared to free-standing heaters.

1. Efficiency with Infrared Outdoor Heating Panels

Unsurprisingly, when looking for an outdoor heater most customers’ main concern is efficiency. Efficient outdoor heating systems are essential for both financial and practical reasons. First, inefficient heaters use too much fuel, which in turn costs money to replace. Moreover, inefficient heaters simply lack the power to keep an outdoor space warm.

On the other hand, efficient heaters prove their worth by saving money and effectively heating open spaces. So what’s the secret to efficient outdoor heaters?

At Patio Heater USA, we take pride in offering patent-protected infrared outdoor heaters. In other words, our heaters emit infrared heat, warming outdoor areas much like the sun’s thermal heat warms the earth. That means that infrared heat concentrates on the target area rather than dispersing to surroundings.

2. More Floor Space

Naturally, homeowners owners value their houses’ floor space. In general, home patios are cozy but limited spaces. Therefore homeowners often try to maximize floor space whenever possible. When it comes to patio heaters, a free-standing heater is just one more thing to occupy limited space. On the other hand, outdoor heating panels provide comfortable warmth while conveniently mounted on ceilings or walls.

Similarly, restaurant owners also value their patios’ floor space. While restaurant patios tend to be much bigger than residential patios, each square foot counts. That’s because more floor space means more room for tables and customers. Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heating panels provide the perfect alternative to mushroom style heaters. In fact, thousands of restaurants around the country use our wall and ceiling mounted patio heaters.

outdoor heating panels

Infrared outdoor heating systems from Patio Heater USA.

3. Highest Safety Standards

Finally and most importantly, outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA are among the safest heaters available. Because they have no open flames or glowing red parts, they offer extremely low clearance-to-cumbustibles. In other words, they considerably reduce the risk of fire.

Additionally, because our heaters are wall and ceiling mounted, they pose no risk of being knocked over. While free-standing heaters can be bumped into or tripped over, our patio heaters are virtually problem-free.

In the end, outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA greatly improve the outdoor experience. They keep people comfortably warm while maintaining efficiency, floor space and safety standards. Shop for patio heaters online or call us today at 800–778–6729 for more information!

Heating Outside Patios in Springtime

Enjoy Outside Patios in Any Weather!

Leave behind those winter blues and make your great escape to the outdoors! The sun is shining after a long winter and the days are getting warmer and longer. Of course, this means people are spending more time on their outside patios.

Despite the encouraging warmth of spring, mornings and evenings tend to remain chilly. And, because most people enjoy their free time during these hours, many outside patios go unused until much later in the season.

Consequently, patio heating is still a must for homeowners and restaurant owners alike. Fortunately, Patio Heater USA offers a wide selection of efficient infrared heaters for outside patios. Whether you need a 20’ commercial heater for your restaurant terrace or a 5’ outside heater for your home patio, we have your heating solution!

The Best Heaters for Outside Patios

outside patios

Efficient outdoor heaters for commercial and residential use.

Our heaters warm up outside patios more efficiently than any other patio heater. What makes outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA better than the rest?

The trick lies in radiant heat and patented infrared heating technology. In fact, our heaters are protected by four U.S. patents.

While normal space heaters heat the surrounding air, our patio heaters utilize infrared heat to gently warm surfaces and people. The process is similar to the heating of the earth by the sun. As a result, our outdoor heaters utilize their fuel more efficiently because the heat goes directly to the people who need it.

Furthermore, our heaters for outside patios come in different fuel types. Choose from heaters with a range of heat outputs and either natural gas or propane fuel.

Finally, outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are made to last. Each heater is weatherproof and guaranteed to function in extreme cold up to –40°F. Not to mention, our patio heaters are equipped with a stainless steel frame that guarantees both durability and style.

Contact Patio Heater USA today to find the best heaters for outside patios!

Outdoor Dining with Patio Heaters

Enjoy outdoor dining in any weather!

Don’t let cold weather hold you back from dining in the great outdoors! With outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA, you can dine comfortably in any weather.

Patio Heater USA provides the best heaters for outdoor dining. Complete your patio, deck or sunroom with an outdoor heater for maximum comfort.

We are proud to be the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters. As the best outdoors heaters on the market, Calcana patio heaters are guaranteed to provide effective heating at low cost. Utilizing natural gas or propane, they provide infrared heating at just pennies per hour.

Calcana patio heaters add to the outdoor dining experience by supplying infrared heating. While other heater models only heat the surrounding air, Calcana heaters heat surfaces and people. Our kind of heating can’t be blown away in the wind!

Outdoor Dining for Homes and Restaurants

Restaurants throughout the world use Calcana patio heaters for dining outdoors. With our heaters, restaurants can extend their outdoor patio season all year round! This means a greater dining capacity and more clients.

But Calcana heaters are far from exclusive to the restaurant industry. Our clients include thousands of residences throughout North American and Europe. For homeowners, efficient patio heaters mean enjoying outdoor dining in their own home. All at an affordable price!

The Best Outside Heater for Patios

The best in outdoor heating with Calcana outside heater models.

Looking for an outside heater for your outdoor patio? Patio Heater USA is the official supplier of Calcana outdoor heaters, celebrated internationally for their efficiency and durability.

Protected by four U.S. patents, Calcana outside patio heaters offer the best in outdoor heating. Though they are consistently rated the highest quality restaurant patio heaters, Calcana heaters are also widely utilized in home patios.

outside heater

The best patio heaters for outdoor heating.

The secret to efficient outdoor heating is infrared radiant heat. While the typical outside heater warms surrounding air, Calcana patio heaters gently heat surfaces. The result is effective and efficient outdoor heating.

With the first day of fall just around the corner, it’s time to equip your residential or restaurant patio with the best outside heater. Browse through Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater gallery, and take a look at our heaters’ many features and benefits.

Find the perfect patio heater for your needs at our outdoor heaters shop! We supply Calcana heaters utilizing either natural gas or propane, depending on your preference. Choose from a variety of fuel type, dimensions and heat output levels.

For further information, please contact Patio Heater USA today. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will help you find the patio heater you’re looking for.


Discover Outside Heaters on Houzz!

Outside heaters and patio design ideas

At Patio Heater USA, we are excited to showcase our infrared outside heaters on Houzz.com! As one of the top home improvement and landscaping websites, Houzz offers a great platform to share home design ideas.

If you’re looking for outdoor patio inspiration, check out one of Patio Heater USA’s many Ideabooks. In addition to photos of our own patio heater installations, we’ve included a number of design ideas for home patios, porches and decks. Whether you want a modern outdoor patio, a traditional one, or something in between, Houzz features limitless design ideas. We’re already feeling inspired!

Outside heaters from Patio Heater USA are the best heaters to purchase. Designed for high performance heating, they are known for their durability and efficiency. We provide top quality infrared heaters for thousands of homes and restaurants throughout North America and Europe.

Don’t miss our wide outdoor heater selection, featuring a variety of propane and natural gas models. All outside heaters from Patio Heater USA are designed with a marine grade stainless steel frame, providing a sleek and versatile look.

Not sure which type of outdoor heater is best for your home patio? Just call Patio Heater USA, and we’ll guide you through the selection process based on your individual needs.


Outdoor heaters create warm environment for homeless shelter

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, one homeless shelter is attempting to create an welcoming shelter from the bitter New Mexican winter cold using patio heaters.  The Interfaith Community Shelter in Santa Fe has just recently opened their doors to those in need, providing shelter and food with a mission to prevent New Mexico’s homeless from winter exposure. Their newly planted locust trees will provide shade during the warmer times, and, according to The Santa Fe New Mexican, “…as the weather cools, three outdoor heaters on the patio will keep them comfortable.” outdoor-overhead-heatingThe shelter have even provided outdoor heaters at the side entrance to provide life-saving warmth to those waiting in line to check in. They hope to provide safe and cozy environment for all.

Outdoor heaters are not only perfect for high-end restaurants and commercial buildings, but homes as well. With November just around the corners fall is turning to winter and if you are experiencing a chill, Patio Heater USA offers the most efficient outdoor heaters to get the most bang for your buck to help keep you and your family warm. And with some of the lowest prices in the industry, why wait until summer to enjoy your outdoor space when you can be comfortable year round?

Autumn Patio Prep with Outdoor Heaters

Feeling that autumn chill? Warm up with outdoor heaters!

Our Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are perfect for fall patio preparation. September is in full force, keeping mornings and evenings cool and nights even colder. Why let a bit of cold keep you away from your outdoor patio? Our infrared patio heaters keep you comfortably warm regardless of the outdoor temperature.

infrared outdoor heaters

Our outdoor heaters come complete with remote controls.

Even a light chill is enough to make sitting outdoors a chore. With Calcana outdoor heaters you can adjust the heat settings with our unique remote control featured to the right. Adjust the radiant heat to your specifications from high to low.

Don’t let cold temperature get the better of you– invest in infrared outdoor heaters today to make your patio a warm and welcoming place to be all year round. You and your guests will be amazed at our patio heaters’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are not only for residential heating. Our infrared heaters are used extensively in restaurants throughout the world. Outdoor infrared heaters keep customers happy and coming back every time. No more closing your restaurant’s summer patio come September. Make the most of your seating space with outdoor heaters!

Contact Patio Heater USA today to see how you can make your outdoor patio a warm, welcoming place to be this fall.



Infrared Outdoor Heaters Perfect for Decks

Stay “On Deck” with Calcana infrared outdoor heaters!

Make your deck a warm and inviting space with Calcana infrared outdoor heaters. Incorporating patented heating technology, Calcana patio heaters are perfect for outdoor decks any material.

infrared outdoor heaters

Make your deck an enjoyable space all year round with Calcana infrared outdoor heaters

Because our outside heaters produce infrared heat, they have an extremely low clearance–to–combustibles. Calcana outdoor heaters contain absolutely no flames or glowing red parts– making them the safest heaters for wood decks. In fact, you can safely place your Calcana outdoor heater within 4–8 inches or awnings and wood structures.

Not only are they safe to use, Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA provide even, radiant heat with their infrared heating technology. Adjust the heat at anytime with our unique temperature remote control. Fine tune your outdoor temperature regardless of the weather!

Calcana’s infrared outdoor heaters are perfect for decks in both homes and businesses. Make your deck an enjoyable place for family gatherings, dinner parties and more. Our patio heaters also extend the outdoor dining season for patio restaurants.

Call Patio Heater USA today to find a Calcana infrared heater for your outdoor deck!


Benefits of Outside Heaters

Outside heaters: the investment that pays for itself

outside heaters

Our outside heaters provide comfort, savings and style all in one.

Thinking about investing in an outdoor patio heater? Patio Heater USA’s infrared outside heaters use radiant heat to create a comfortable, welcoming environment. Outside heaters allow you to take advantage of your patio restaurant, garden or sunroom long after the outdoor season has ended.

With energy efficiency and rock–bottom operating costs, our outside heaters’ benefits extend beyond convenience and comfort. Patio Heater USA’s infrared outdoor heaters run on natural gas and propane, still considered the most cost–efficient heating fuel. Providing cozy warmth for just pennies per hour, your outdoor heater investment will pay for itself in no time.

Our patio heaters are available in stainless steel, adding elegance to comfort and efficiency. Contact Patio Heater USA today to see how we can assist in your outside heater purchase!





Exclusive Outdoor Heater Remote Controller

Calcana’s exclusive heatwave control center, making patio heating comfortable and convenient.  Patent pending.

patio heater

Outdoor heater remote controller.