Outdoor Heating Panels

Three Reasons to Use Outdoor Heating Panels

Outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA offer a number of advantages compared to free-standing heaters.

1. Efficiency with Infrared Outdoor Heating Panels

Unsurprisingly, when looking for an outdoor heater most customers’ main concern is efficiency. Efficient outdoor heating systems are essential for both financial and practical reasons. First, inefficient heaters use too much fuel, which in turn costs money to replace. Moreover, inefficient heaters simply lack the power to keep an outdoor space warm.

On the other hand, efficient heaters prove their worth by saving money and effectively heating open spaces. So what’s the secret to efficient outdoor heaters?

At Patio Heater USA, we take pride in offering patent-protected infrared outdoor heaters. In other words, our heaters emit infrared heat, warming outdoor areas much like the sun’s thermal heat warms the earth. That means that infrared heat concentrates on the target area rather than dispersing to surroundings.

2. More Floor Space

Naturally, homeowners owners value their houses’ floor space. In general, home patios are cozy but limited spaces. Therefore homeowners often try to maximize floor space whenever possible. When it comes to patio heaters, a free-standing heater is just one more thing to occupy limited space. On the other hand, outdoor heating panels provide comfortable warmth while conveniently mounted on ceilings or walls.

Similarly, restaurant owners also value their patios’ floor space. While restaurant patios tend to be much bigger than residential patios, each square foot counts. That’s because more floor space means more room for tables and customers. Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heating panels provide the perfect alternative to mushroom style heaters. In fact, thousands of restaurants around the country use our wall and ceiling mounted patio heaters.

outdoor heating panels

Infrared outdoor heating systems from Patio Heater USA.

3. Highest Safety Standards

Finally and most importantly, outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA are among the safest heaters available. Because they have no open flames or glowing red parts, they offer extremely low clearance-to-cumbustibles. In other words, they considerably reduce the risk of fire.

Additionally, because our heaters are wall and ceiling mounted, they pose no risk of being knocked over. While free-standing heaters can be bumped into or tripped over, our patio heaters are virtually problem-free.

In the end, outdoor heating panels from Patio Heater USA greatly improve the outdoor experience. They keep people comfortably warm while maintaining efficiency, floor space and safety standards. Shop for patio heaters online or call us today at 800–778–6729 for more information!

Heating Outside Patios in Springtime

Enjoy Outside Patios in Any Weather!

Leave behind those winter blues and make your great escape to the outdoors! The sun is shining after a long winter and the days are getting warmer and longer. Of course, this means people are spending more time on their outside patios.

Despite the encouraging warmth of spring, mornings and evenings tend to remain chilly. And, because most people enjoy their free time during these hours, many outside patios go unused until much later in the season.

Consequently, patio heating is still a must for homeowners and restaurant owners alike. Fortunately, Patio Heater USA offers a wide selection of efficient infrared heaters for outside patios. Whether you need a 20’ commercial heater for your restaurant terrace or a 5’ outside heater for your home patio, we have your heating solution!

The Best Heaters for Outside Patios

outside patios

Efficient outdoor heaters for commercial and residential use.

Our heaters warm up outside patios more efficiently than any other patio heater. What makes outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA better than the rest?

The trick lies in radiant heat and patented infrared heating technology. In fact, our heaters are protected by four U.S. patents.

While normal space heaters heat the surrounding air, our patio heaters utilize infrared heat to gently warm surfaces and people. The process is similar to the heating of the earth by the sun. As a result, our outdoor heaters utilize their fuel more efficiently because the heat goes directly to the people who need it.

Furthermore, our heaters for outside patios come in different fuel types. Choose from heaters with a range of heat outputs and either natural gas or propane fuel.

Finally, outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are made to last. Each heater is weatherproof and guaranteed to function in extreme cold up to –40°F. Not to mention, our patio heaters are equipped with a stainless steel frame that guarantees both durability and style.

Contact Patio Heater USA today to find the best heaters for outside patios!

Customizing Outdoor Patios

Outdoor Patios: From Barbecues to Reading Nooks

Outdoor patios offer a unique space in any home. They combine indoor comfort with the invigorating power of the great outdoors. Best of all, a well–designed outdoor patio becomes the perfect setting for any occasion.

When it comes to dining, outdoor patios are the best room in the house. While walls confine a typical dining room, an outdoor patio’s size is limited only to your imagination. Consider the deck or patio your home’s most spacious room.

outdoor patios

Outdoor patios are your space for fun and family!

Additionally, patios offer a refreshing atmosphere for entertaining. Deck out your patio with a television and bar for the best game day barbecue on the block. For a formal dinner, add ambience to your patio with candles and string lights.

But outdoor patios go far beyond dining and entertaining. Patios are also for relaxing at the end of a long day and enjoying the stillness of a weekend morning. For quiet days, turn your patio into a cozy reading nook by adding some comfortable cushions.

If you have a green thumb, outdoor patios are a great way to show off gardening skills. Rather than isolating your garden on the other side of the yard, why not make it the center of attention? Surround yourself and your guests with nature for the ultimate sanctuary.

Outdoor Comfort with Calcana Patio Heaters!

Whether your outdoor patio’s main function is for entertaining, reading or gardening, comfort is paramount to using your outdoor space. That’s why Patio Heater USA provides the best outdoor heaters on the market. We believe that if you’ve got a great patio, you should enjoy it to the fullest.

We’re the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters. With our dependable infrared heaters, your outdoor patio will benefit from efficient and effective heating. Contact Patio Heater USA today to complete your outdoor patio with a Calcana heater!

The Best Outside Heater for Patios

The best in outdoor heating with Calcana outside heater models.

Looking for an outside heater for your outdoor patio? Patio Heater USA is the official supplier of Calcana outdoor heaters, celebrated internationally for their efficiency and durability.

Protected by four U.S. patents, Calcana outside patio heaters offer the best in outdoor heating. Though they are consistently rated the highest quality restaurant patio heaters, Calcana heaters are also widely utilized in home patios.

outside heater

The best patio heaters for outdoor heating.

The secret to efficient outdoor heating is infrared radiant heat. While the typical outside heater warms surrounding air, Calcana patio heaters gently heat surfaces. The result is effective and efficient outdoor heating.

With the first day of fall just around the corner, it’s time to equip your residential or restaurant patio with the best outside heater. Browse through Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater gallery, and take a look at our heaters’ many features and benefits.

Find the perfect patio heater for your needs at our outdoor heaters shop! We supply Calcana heaters utilizing either natural gas or propane, depending on your preference. Choose from a variety of fuel type, dimensions and heat output levels.

For further information, please contact Patio Heater USA today. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will help you find the patio heater you’re looking for.


Discover Outside Heaters on Houzz!

Outside heaters and patio design ideas

At Patio Heater USA, we are excited to showcase our infrared outside heaters on Houzz.com! As one of the top home improvement and landscaping websites, Houzz offers a great platform to share home design ideas.

If you’re looking for outdoor patio inspiration, check out one of Patio Heater USA’s many Ideabooks. In addition to photos of our own patio heater installations, we’ve included a number of design ideas for home patios, porches and decks. Whether you want a modern outdoor patio, a traditional one, or something in between, Houzz features limitless design ideas. We’re already feeling inspired!

Outside heaters from Patio Heater USA are the best heaters to purchase. Designed for high performance heating, they are known for their durability and efficiency. We provide top quality infrared heaters for thousands of homes and restaurants throughout North America and Europe.

Don’t miss our wide outdoor heater selection, featuring a variety of propane and natural gas models. All outside heaters from Patio Heater USA are designed with a marine grade stainless steel frame, providing a sleek and versatile look.

Not sure which type of outdoor heater is best for your home patio? Just call Patio Heater USA, and we’ll guide you through the selection process based on your individual needs.


Patio Heaters for Cool Summer Nights

Calcana patio heaters homes and outdoor restaurants

Calcana patio heaters are the key to outdoor summer fun. Consider an outdoor heater to warm up cool summer nights on your home or restaurant patio. Our infrared heaters are consistently ranked among the best patio heaters available in North America and Europe.

patio heaters

Calcana outdoor heaters are dependable and fuel efficient.

Summer is a great outdoor season for both homes and outdoor restaurants. It’s the season for barbecues and reunions, and enjoying the outdoors in the company of family and friends. Make this summer a memorable one with Calcana infrared patio heaters. For homes in northern climates, an outdoor heater is ideal for keeping your deck or patio at a comfortable temperature, even at night.

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, this is the season to really maximize your profits. Summer is a notoriously busy season for restaurants, and patio heaters allow you to keep your customers happy. If your restaurant is located in a region where the temperature gets chilly in the evenings, Calcana patio heaters are an ideal solution. Durable and designed for the restaurant industry, Calcana infrared heaters are the best investment a restaurant can make.

Contact Patio Heater USA to speak with a representative today!


Outdoor Bar Patio Heaters

Enjoy your outdoor bar to the max with patio heaters!

People love the great outdoors. People love an outdoor bar with patio heaters even more. Just because it’s sweater weather doesn’t mean that you can’t host an incredibly fun and cozy party with an outdoor bar and patio heaters.

Entertaining friends and family in an outdoor space rain or shine (or snow for that matter) is something that will have everyone smiling. There is no better time to entertain outdoors than in the late winter and early spring. With events like march madness and the Super Bowl taking place during some of the colder months in most of the U.S. it can be a huge advantage to have an outdoor bar. Your friends can feel like they are at enjoying the best tailgate party of their lives while in the heated comfort of an outdoor patio with a full bar to match with our quality patio heaters.

outdoor bar patio heatersOur propane patio heaters eliminate the need for any wires or cords that people can trip over and keep heating your outdoor bar for hours without the need to change a tank during the big game. Our patio heaters use infrared technology that makes sure all of the heat is evenly dispersed and are wall or ceiling mounted so they wont take up any floor space. Your guests can be cozy and comfortable without having to worry about falling over anything while enjoying a brew al fresco.

With Patio Heater USA’s discount prices an outdoor bar are no longer just for fancy restaurants or sports venues. Check out our guide to the best patio heater to purchase to learn more and plan on inviting your friends over to stay warm while having a cold one.

Patio Gas Heaters for Your Home

Enhance your outdoor experience with patio gas heaters.

Patio gas heaters are the number one way to improve your outdoor patio, sunroom, garden or garage. Why stay inside when you can take advantage of the great outdoors? With even, infrared heat, calcana outdoor heaters warm an outdoor space to a comfortable level.

Calcana patio gas heaters function efficiently in any weather. Don’t let cold weather keep you from enjoying the fresh air and ambience of your outdoor patio.

patio gas heaters

Make your patio a warm, welcoming space with Calcana outdoor gas heaters.

Patio gas heaters can make the difference between a welcoming, useful space and a neglected one. Impress your guests at dinner parties or family gatherings by creating a warm, inviting outdoor environment.

Patio Heater USA offers a variety of infrared outdoor heaters for residential and commercial use. All our heaters include patented stainless steel frames and heating systems. Experience the difference with Calcana patio gas heaters!


Outdoor patio spring dining

Why your restaurant should include an outdoor patio this spring.

As spring kicks into gear, so does the outdoor dining season. After a long winter plenty of customers prefer enjoying their meal in fresh air rather than indoors. Taking advantage of outdoor patio space can be a great move for your restaurant. Here’s why:

  • The option of outdoor dining adds a new dimension to any restaurant, appealing to a wider range of potential clients.
  • On the most practical level, an outdoor patio significantly expands your dining area– and therefore your profits– at little to no cost.
  • Outdoor patios double as living and breathing advertisements. While they give you the capacity to serve more customers, they simultaneously advertise your food, service and atmosphere to passerby.
  • An outdoor patio gives character to your restaurant. Evening lighting combined with fresh air and a gentle breeze creates an appetizing environment for customers looking to enjoy their dinner outdoors.
outdoor patio heater

Patio heaters for outdoor restaurant dining.

The most important part of outdoor patio dining is ensuring your customers are comfortable. Early spring often carries enough of a chill to discourage outdoor dining, so it’s important to equip your patio with an outdoor heater.

Patio Heater USA specializes in providing restaurants with durable, stainless steel patio heaters. Check out our infrared patio heater gallery to see how we have helped a number of restaurants with their outdoor patio heating needs.

For more information about outdoor patio heating, contact Patio Heater USA to discover your outdoor restaurant heating options.

The Outdoor Heater for Restaurants

Outdoor heater extends restaurant dining season.

Outdoor heaters are essential for restaurants in areas with cool or cold winter weather. Rather than losing valuable dining space for months of the year, invest in an outdoor patio heater for your restaurant.

outdoor heater

Outdoor heater systems extend the dining season and boost sales.

With operating costs at pennies per hour, infrared patio heaters will minimize energy costs while boosting your restaurant sales.

Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater selection includes a variety of infrared patio heaters. See our patio heater selection guide to discover which model is best for your restaurant heating needs.