Outdoor Patio Heating 101

The Basics of Outdoor Patio Heating

Thinking about installing outdoor patio heating, but not sure where to begin? Then you’re in the right place!

When it comes to outdoor heating, selecting the right patio heater can at first seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a list of different types of patio heaters and how they work.

Propane Patio Heaters

Generally speaking, propane outdoor heaters are the most popular. Given that propane is both low–cost and easily accessible, it’s a convenient outdoor patio heating option. You can find propane in standard 20–pound tanks at local grocery or hardware stores.

So how do propane heaters work? It’s as simple as flipping an ignition switch. Upon flipping the switch, and a spark ignites the propane gas. You can then adjust the strength of the heat to your preference.

Propane outdoor heaters require no electrical connection and generate a high heat output, which makes them ideal for large, open spaces.

outdoor patio heating

Propane and natural gas heaters are ideal for heating large, open spaces.

Electric Patio Heaters

Unlike propane heaters, electric heaters work best in small, enclosed areas. Naturally, they also require access to a power outlet.

While electric patio heaters never need a fuel refill, their power is more limited than propane or natural gas heaters. Additionally, even weatherproof electric heaters need to be sheltered from rain and snow to prevent damage and electric shock.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Similar to propane heaters, natural gas heaters provide high–powered outdoor patio heating. In some cases, you can conveniently connect these outdoor heaters to the nearest natural gas outlet.

Also like propane heaters, natural gas patio heaters work with an ignition switch rather than electric outlets. That means they’re more portable and weatherproof than electric heaters.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heating Solution

In the end, the best outdoor patio heating method depends on your unique needs. For open air heating in commercial and residential spaces, propane and natural gas heaters offer the most power and the best price. However, an electric heater may be adequate for small-scale, occasional use.

To speak directly with patio heater experts from Patio Heater USA, contact us online or at 800–778–6729!


Why Buy Overhead Patio Heaters?

The Benefits of Overhead Patio Heaters

Put overhead patio heaters at the top of your list for outdoor heater options! While at first they may get lost in the myriad of outdoor heater styles, overhead heaters have many practical benefits.  In fact, overhead patio heaters offer the most effective and efficient outdoor heating solutions.

Overhead Patio Heaters vs. Mushroom Style Heaters

Mushroom style patio heaters are a type of mobile lamp heater used for short range heating. On one hand, their mobility can be an advantage if the patio requires frequent rearranging. However, constantly moving the patio heaters creates a lot of wear and tear. Not to mention, mushroom style patio heaters take up floor space, making outdoor dining areas difficult to maneuver.

Meanwhile, overhead patio heaters take up zero floor space. With just one easy installment, your overhead heater is securely fastened to the ceiling or wall. Not only does an overhead heater leave floor space free, but it also effectively targets its heat. For both residential and commercial patios, overhead heaters leave people warmer and happier.

Overhead Patio Heater Features

In addition to logistic benefits, overhead patio heaters from Patio Heater USA offer the most efficient outdoor heating. Equipped with the latest infrared heating technology, they efficiently convert natural gas or propane fuel into even heat waves.


Infrared overhead heaters from Patio Heater USA are designed specifically to offer maximum, long–term heating at low cost. As a result, they keep outdoor areas warm for just pennies per hour. Also offering a weather–proof, stainless steel frame, our outdoor heaters are built to last.

Find the best overhead patio heater for you in Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater online shop. We offer a number of heater sizes, fuel types and output levels. For any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact us online or call 800–778–6729.


The Power of an Efficient Patio Heater

Discover what an efficient patio heater can do!

An efficient patio heater is the best way to improve your outdoor deck or patio. While managing indoor room temperature is easy, adjusting outside temperature requires high–end outdoor heaters.

Comfort is key in any living space, and comfort starts with pleasant temperature. That’s where Patio Heater USA comes in. We’re the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters, offering a great selection of efficient patio heater models. With a Calcana outdoor heater, your patio will gain a will gain new comfort level.

efficient patio heater

The most durable, efficient outdoor heaters. 

Natural Gas or Propane Heater?

If you have a preference between natural gas or propane fuel, you’re in the right place! We offer both natural gas and propane heaters.

Having trouble deciding between propane and natural gas? Feel free to contact Patio Heater USA to discuss your heating options. Because fuel prices tend to vary by region, you may greatly benefit from one or the other. Our knowledgeable and friendly patio heater consultants can answer any fuel–related questions.

The Best Residential and Commercial Patio Heater

In addition to residential patios, our outdoor heaters improve commercial buildings and restaurant patios. Homeowners and restaurant owners alike prefer Calcana patio heaters over any other.

For home decks and patios, an efficient patio heater gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors anytime. With our patented remote control, you can adjust the temperature exactly to your preference.

Restaurant owners love Calcana patio heaters for a variety of reasons. Running at just pennies per hour, our heaters save restaurants thousands of dollars in heating bills each year. In addition to efficiency, Calcana heaters are safe. Because they include no flames or glowing red parts, they have an incredibly low clearance–to–combustibles ratio.

Don’t keep your patio or your guests waiting– contact Patio Heater USA today! Our representatives are standing by at 800–778–6729.

The Best Propane Heater

All you need to know about Calcana’s propane heater models.

Our company spent years developing the most efficient and durable propane heater on the market. Now, it’s considered the best commercial and residential outdoor heater.

Due to its efficiency, propane heater typically heats open spaces such as patios, decks and garages. That’s why many patio heaters, such as some Calcana’s outdoor heaters, run on propane. For information about Calcana’s natural gas heaters, please read more about our outdoor heaters.

What makes Calcana propane heaters so efficient? First of all, Calcana heaters utilize the latest infrared heating technology. Similar to the way the sun heats the earth, infrared heaters heat with thermal heating. That means they heat people and surfaces, without harmful UV rays! While your typical space heater simply warms the surrounding air, a Calcana propane heater creates heat that lasts.

Additionally, propane fuel is consistently the least expensive heater fuel type. Not to mention, our units are self–containing. No need to hook them up to external gas lines. So you’ll not only be spending less on fuel, but you’ll save the bother of connecting heaters to a central system.

How do I use a propane heater?

propane heaterOur client base is diverse and far–reaching. Common uses for our outdoor propane heaters include patios, lawns, decks, and outside dinner parties.

Homeowners love Calcana outdoor heaters for their efficiency. With just one heater, you can quickly and effectively heat your outdoor home area!

When restaurant owners want to increase their profits, they turn to Calcana. The most popular use for our outdoor heaters is restaurant patios. Restaurant owners know they can make their outdoor patios comfortable in any weather with a Calcana propane heater.

So whether you’re a homeowner or restaurant owner, Calcana propane heaters are the best heating option available. Contact Patio Heater USA for more information about our Calcana outdoor heater selection!



Try a Propane Patio Heater for Your Home!

Infrared propane patio heater for high–efficiency

What makes a Calcana propane patio heater so special? With patented infrared heater technology, our patio heaters disperse warmth evenly. Unlike most patio heaters, our infrared outdoor heaters don’t heat air that blows away in the wind. They emit thermal heating energy, warming surfaces and people rather than air.

But infrared heating is just one of a Calcana propane patio heater’s many benefits. Utilizing either natural gas or propane fuel, Calcana produces the most fuel–efficient heaters. Enjoy comfortable warmth in any weather– at just pennies per hour!

propane patio heater

High–efficiency outdoor heaters with infrared heating technology.

Calcana heaters’ unique high–efficiency features don’t end with infrared technology. Each propane patio heater includes a remote controller for variable heat output. While most heaters offer a limited range of settings, Calcana outdoor heaters’ heat output is completely customizeable. Whether you need just enough warmth for early fall or full–on heat for a snowy winter day, Calcana heaters have a setting for your personal comfort level.

Calcana heaters are so efficient that many homeowners find one propane patio heater provides enough heat for the whole family. For restaurants or large commercial areas, many managers choose to place several outdoor heaters throughout their outdoor area. Choose from a wide selection of outdoor heater models, varying in both size and fuel types!



Most Efficient Outdoor Heater

Add an efficient outdoor heater to your patio!

Has your outside patio been cooling down with the start of fall? Investing in an efficient outdoor heater is the perfect solution to chilly weather. An efficient outdoor heater allows you to enjoy your patio any time of year.

efficient outdoor heater

Make the most of your patio with Calcana outdoor heaters.

Patio Heater USA supplies Calcana outdoor heaters, known to be the most efficient and durable heaters on the market. Our infrared heaters are featured in home and restaurant patios throughout the globe.

A truly efficient outdoor heater not only lasts for years, it should also save heating costs. Calcana’s patio heaters will save you money in any weather. Not only do our heaters include a patented stainless steel frame, they run efficiently on propane or natural gas for just pennies per hour.

For miniscule operating costs you can enjoy infrared radiant heat in your outdoor patio. If you’ve made the built yourself a deck or patio, make the investment to really enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with an efficient outdoor heater.

A restaurant patio is also a great place for an efficient outdoor heater. With wall and ceiling–mounted capabilities, they’re perfect for saving floor space and increasing dining space. Don’t let your customers freeze this fall– invest in outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA!



Benefits of Infrared Patio Heaters

Why should you choose infrared patio heaters?

At Patio Heater USA, our Calcana infrared patio heaters are designed to fire up and operate in all weather conditions. As an international supplier of heaters developed specifically for the restaurant industry, Calcana recently appeared in the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Show.

Our infrared outdoor heaters run on natural gas or propane, the most low–cost efficient heater fuels on the market. The temperature is adjusted freely and easily with our patented variable input controller, allowing continuous heat anywhere between low and high temperatures. The heater combustion burns cleanly over the entire temperature range and the heat output is even across the entire length of the heater.

Calcana infrared patio heaters’ extremely low clearance–to–combustibles allows for installation in space–restrictive locations. With no open flames or glowing parts, the outdoor heater can be as close as 4–8 inches to an awning or wood structure.

Though constructed of heavy–duty stainless steel, our patent–protected heater frame and structure is easily assembled on–site with simple hand tools. Purchase the frame and structure with or without the infrared heater.

Finally, Calcana’s outdoor heaters are completely unaffected by wind or inclement weather. Regardless of outside conditions, our patio heaters will fire up and continue heating your outdoor restaurant. Because of their reliability and versatility, Calcana’s infrared patio heaters appear in outdoor restaurants and home patios internationally throughout North America and Europe.

View our video from the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Show.


Propane heaters vs. natural gas heaters

Stay informed about propane and outdoor natural gas heaters.

Patio Heater USA offers a wide selection of propane and natural gas heaters. So what’s the difference between a propane outdoor heater and natural gas heaters?

natural gas heaters

High efficiency outdoor natural gas and propane heaters.

Propane is a by–product of natural gas processing. Known for efficiency, propane has powered heaters and machinery for decades. Recent interest in propane heaters stems from propane’s clean–burning qualities and relatively low–cost.

Our patio heaters also run on natural gas, another clean–burning alternative fuel. Natural gas heaters burn odorless and nontoxic fuel. Eighty to ninety percent of natural gas is domestically produced, making gas outdoor heaters highly desirable heater models.

Choosing between natural gas and propane patio heaters depends mostly on local costs of either fuel.

Whether the best patio heater for you is a propane or outdoor gas heater, Patio Heater USA will help you find the appropriate heater model for your restaurant, patio, garage and more.