Outdoor Restaurant Heaters

Open Your Dining Patio Now with Outdoor Restaurant Heaters!

Outdoor restaurant heaters are essential for dining patios. If your restaurant includes an outside dining space, you need to keep customers warm and comfortable. Thanks to infrared patio heaters from Calcana, outdoor heating is more efficient and cost–effective than ever!

Why Outdoor Restaurant Patios?

Outdoor patios offer a great way to expand your restaurant’s dining space without spending the time or money on expensive renovations. With an outdoor patio, you can double your table count in a matter of days.

Not to mention, outdoor patios offer a great ambience and alternative to indoor dining. Add plants, strings of lights and a canopy to create a charming atmosphere for your guests.

The Best Outdoor Restaurant Heaters

Especially now that the spring dining season is in full swing, you’ll want to take full advantage of your restaurant patio. That means investing in quality outdoor restaurant heaters. Look no further than Calcana heaters from Patio Heater USA for your outdoor heating needs.

Our patio heaters are designed with the latest infrared heater technology. Rather than heating air, our outdoor heaters utilize thermal energy to heat surrounding surfaces and people. Furthermore, they run efficiently on propane or natural gas fuel, operating at just pennies per hour!

If you have commercial heating needs for outside patios, then Calcana outdoor restaurant heaters are your answer. In fact, thousands of restaurants around the world already use Calcana outdoor heaters for their restaurant patios.

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Shop Online for Outdoor Restaurant Heaters!

For more information about our outdoor heaters, see our outdoor heaters online shop now. You’ll find a wide variety of propane and natural gas heaters in various sizes and heat outputs.

If you have further questions about which patio heaters are best for your heating needs, don’t hesitate to contact Patio Heater USA! Our friendly and knowledgeable patio heater representatives will be happy to provide information on fuel costs, heater recommendations and more.



The Best Restaurant Patio Heater

Efficient Outdoor Heating with the Best Restaurant Patio Heater

Open your restaurant patio early this season with the best restaurant patio heater! Patio Heater USA supplies high–end infrared outdoor heaters from Calcana, available in propane or natural gas fuel.

Restaurant owners consistently rank Calcana outdoor heaters as the best restaurant patio heater. That’s because Calcana founder John Vancak designs patio heaters specifically for the restaurant industry. As a result, Calcana provides the most durable and efficient restaurant patio heaters on the market.

Expand Your Outdoor Dining Capacity

Our outdoor heaters allow restaurant owners to debut their outdoor dining season early. Rather than waiting for summer, restaurants now have the freedom to outdoors in any weather! In fact, Calcana restaurant patio heaters have the power to keep customers comfortable all year round.

An extended dining season ranks among our top patio heater features and benefits. After all, restaurant patios offer an inexpensive way to expand dining capacity.

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Restaurant patio heaters for outdoor commercial heating.

As General Manager of San Diego restaurant chain The Prado, Sofia Picazo utilizes Calcana patio heaters in all sixteen locations. One location includes a 2–terrace, 500–person seating capacity! As Picazo mentions in a Calcana patio heaters interview, even a small change in weather can result in loss of dining space.

Says Picazo, “If I have a 400 seat restaurant and I have to shut half of that down because it’s 60 degrees outside, I lose half of my dining room. With Calcana heaters I can maintain a nice 73 degrees outside for my guests.”

Find the Best Restaurant Patio Heater for You!

We offer a wide range of natural gas and propane infrared heaters, allowing customers to choose from a variety of heater sizes and fuel types. If your restaurant patio needs quality heating, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our outdoor heaters shop online.

Patio Heater USA representatives are on the line to help you select the best restaurant patio heater for your needs. Begin your restaurant’s outdoor dining season today!

The Best Gas Patio Heaters

Introducing the restaurant industry’s best gas patio heaters!

Patio Heater USA is the official supplier for gas patio heaters from Calcana. Known as the best patio heater manufacturer of the restaurant industry, Calcana supplies the most durable and efficient gas patio heaters on the market.

Our outdoor heaters efficiently heat surrounding objects, surfaces and people with patented infrared heater technology. When you buy Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA, you acquire not only the most reliable patio heater, but one that saves you money. Calcana gas patio heaters function in any weather at just pennies per hour.


In addition to quality and efficiency, Calcana values safety. Calcana outdoor gas heaters produce heat and only heat– no visible lights, glowing parts or open flames! We take pride in producing heaters with extremely low clearance to combustibles. Unlike other heaters, Calcana gas patio heaters are safe enough to mount directly on walls.

For the final touch, Calcana outdoor heaters come with an adjustable remote controller. With our patented outdoor heater remote controller, you can adjust the patio temperature to you and your guests’ comfort level. Chase away the chill with a Low or Medium setting, or turn the heat up to High.

Patio Heater USA provides a full selection of outdoor patio heater models for not only natural gas, but propane fuel as well. Please contact Patio Heater USA today for assistance in choosing the best gas patio heater for your needs.



Outdoor Restaurant Heaters for Patio Dining

Calcana outdoor restaurant heaters make year–round patio dining a reality.

The summer dining season is just around the corner. Is your patio ready for the rush with outdoor restaurant heaters? Calcana infrared outdoor heaters don’t just chase away the chill of summer nights, they extend your dining season up to a full year!

In the northern USA and Canada, a year–round outdoor dining season might seem impossible. However, Calcana’s efficient outdoor restaurant heaters are designed specifically for patio dining in cold or moderate climates. Our heaters are tried and true in outdoor restaurants throughout North America and Europe.

Calcana outdoor heaters “the best you can buy”

Just take the Tilted Grill Restaurant and Lounge in Calgary, Canada. As the restaurant’s co–owner explains in the video below, “We really started looking into better options and it became very clear that the only option for us was to go to this great extent, and that’s the Calcana heaters. We just think they’re the best you can buy.”

After consulting with fellow restaurant owners and experts in the industry, the Tilted Grill owner says he “jumped on” the opportunity to invest in Calcana heaters.

“We really think that this is going to make it a 12-month a year patio, as crazy as that might sound in a place like Calgary in Canada, I can see it happening.”