Why Buy Stainless Steel Patio Heaters?

The Advantages of Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel Patio Heaters

Stainless steel patio heaters offer a number of benefits compared to other heaters. In particular, 316 marine-grade stainless steel heaters surpass their competitors in both durability and style.

First and foremost, Patio Heater USA’s stainless steel patio heaters can .withstand virtually any weather conditions. Whether it’s raining, sunny, snowing and hailing, our outdoor heaters remain securely anchored and fully functioning. Not to mention, they’re also certified in temperatures down to -40°F.

To date, Patio Heater USA’s Calcana heaters are the only 316 stainless steel patio heaters. Unlike 304 stainless steel, marine grade 316 stainless steel is ideal for extreme conditions. Within the United States, this typically includes coastal areas with severe weather such as abundant snow, rain or salt water exposure.

Finally, the price of our 316 stainless steel patio heaters is only slightly higher than that of our 304 stainless steel heaters. If your region is home to extreme weather, the slight increase is well worth ensuring your outdoor heater can withstand long–term exposure to its environment.

At the end of the day, quality over quantity is what matters most. That’s why Patio Heater USA is committed to providing the highest quality stainless steel patio heaters. As a testament to our committment, our patio heaters are protected by multiple U.S. patents for their unique, efficient design.

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The Benefits of Outdoor Infrared Heating

Efficient Infrared Heating for Outdoor Spaces

Imagine standing in a patch of shade on a cool but sunny day. The moment you step into the sun you suddenly feel much warmer, despite the fact that the air temperature remains the same. Thanks to the sun’s radiant heat, we can warm ourselves in the sunlight or cool off in the shade.

Infrared heaters heat an area much like the sun heats the earth. Similar to the sun’s rays, the heater’s radiant heat gently warms surfaces such as floors, tables and people. In short, infrared heating allows you to enjoy all the benefits of sun-like heat without harmful ultraviolet rays.

So when the sun sets, outdoor infrared heating is the best way to maintain gentle, cost effective warmth on your patio. While regular space heaters simply blow hot air that quickly dissipates, infrared heaters offer the most efficient heating. By heating objects rather than air, they keep your patio warmer for longer and cheaper.

Infrared Heating with Stylish Stainless Steel

Not only does Patio Heater USA offer efficient heating, but also style. We design our high–end infrared heaters with stainless steel frames, adding both durability and good taste. In addition to looking great, our stainless steel heaters withstand extreme temperatures and weather.

With one easy installation, you can enjoy your patio heater any time of the year. Their stainless steel frames are wall and ceiling mountable. So they stay conveniently out of your way while tastefully blending in with their surroundings.

infrared heating

Infrared Heating for Patios, Gardens, Garages and More!

Infrared heaters are great for both enclosed and semi–enclosed spaces. Warm up your outdoor patio for dinner parties, or make your garden a comfortably warm haven all year round. For both commercial and residential garages, infrared heating creates a pleasant temperature even in winter.

For more information about the best infrared heater for you, please call Patio Heater USA at 800–778–6729 or contact us online.

Ceiling Patio Heaters

Mounted Ceiling Patio Heaters for Efficient Heating

Why buy ceiling patio heaters? Patio Heater USA provides a variety of wall and ceiling mounted heaters in different fuel types and sizes. We have four reasons to invest in the best mounted patio heater money can buy!

  1. More Floor Space

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to worry about is creating space for your new outdoor heater. Whether you need to warm up a large commercial space or a small home patio, rearranging your floor plan can be a pain. Fortunately, ceiling patio heaters allow you to keep your chairs and tables exactly where they are.

  1. The Safest Outdoor Heating

outdoor-patio-heaterWhen it comes to mushroom-style or floor-standing patio heaters, safety becomes a top concern. Tripping over cords or accidentally bumping into the heaters are common accidents with these types of heaters. In contrast to mushroom-style heaters, ceiling patio heaters remain out of harm’s way. Not only are they far out of reach of children, but they also pose no danger of being knocked over.

Specifically, ceiling-mounted heaters from Patio Heater USA boast extremely low clearance-to-combustibles. That means they can be mounted on nearly any material, wooden beams.

  1. Higher Efficiency

Because of their strategic position, ceiling-mounted patio heaters direct their heat only to the people and places you want to keep warm. As a result, you save on fuel and heating bills.

  1. Easy Installation

While floor-standing patio heaters require daily setup and breakdown, ceiling patio heaters need only a one-time, easy installation. Their sturdy, stainless steel construction makes them weatherproof and durable. Regardless of weather conditions, your ceiling patio heater can withstand wind, rain and snow and temperature up to -40F.  

Please contact Patio Heater USA for more information about our ceiling patio heaters or shop online for patio heaters right now! We guarantee quality in outdoor infrared heating.


Why Buy Overhead Patio Heaters?

The Benefits of Overhead Patio Heaters

Put overhead patio heaters at the top of your list for outdoor heater options! While at first they may get lost in the myriad of outdoor heater styles, overhead heaters have many practical benefits.  In fact, overhead patio heaters offer the most effective and efficient outdoor heating solutions.

Overhead Patio Heaters vs. Mushroom Style Heaters

Mushroom style patio heaters are a type of mobile lamp heater used for short range heating. On one hand, their mobility can be an advantage if the patio requires frequent rearranging. However, constantly moving the patio heaters creates a lot of wear and tear. Not to mention, mushroom style patio heaters take up floor space, making outdoor dining areas difficult to maneuver.

Meanwhile, overhead patio heaters take up zero floor space. With just one easy installment, your overhead heater is securely fastened to the ceiling or wall. Not only does an overhead heater leave floor space free, but it also effectively targets its heat. For both residential and commercial patios, overhead heaters leave people warmer and happier.

Overhead Patio Heater Features

In addition to logistic benefits, overhead patio heaters from Patio Heater USA offer the most efficient outdoor heating. Equipped with the latest infrared heating technology, they efficiently convert natural gas or propane fuel into even heat waves.


Infrared overhead heaters from Patio Heater USA are designed specifically to offer maximum, long–term heating at low cost. As a result, they keep outdoor areas warm for just pennies per hour. Also offering a weather–proof, stainless steel frame, our outdoor heaters are built to last.

Find the best overhead patio heater for you in Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater online shop. We offer a number of heater sizes, fuel types and output levels. For any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact us online or call 800–778–6729.


Infrared Patio Heater Options for Fall Weather

Warm up the outdoors with a Calcana infrared patio heater!

An infrared patio heater is the ideal outdoor heating option. Fuel–efficient, safe and convenient, infrared heaters provide comfortable warmth at a great price!

Calcana infrared outdoor heaters include a variety of models, sizes and fuel types. Because fuel prices vary, we allow our customers the freedom to choose between gas heaters and propane heaters. Additionally, we sell patio heaters in a variety of lengths, from 5 to 20 feet long.

We take pride in selling the best infrared patio heater on the market. In fact, all our outdoor heater models meet the highest standards of the heating industry:

  • Efficient. Developed with patented infrared technology, our heaters use 40% less fuel than standard heaters.
  • Safe. Infrared heaters utilize radiant heat, which means no glowing parts or flames!
  • Adjustable. Each heater includes a remote control, allowing for precise temperature adjustment.
  • Durable. Stainless steel construction and heat–treated infrared emitters, our heaters are built to last.

For a complete look at our patio heater models, please see Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater shop. You’ll find a variety of infrared heater models, such as our High Output 316 Stainless heaters.

infrared patio heater

Our infrared patio heaters are ideal for both restaurants and residential patios.

Our outdoor heaters are not only efficient, safe and long–lasting, but also incredibly convenient. Unlike standard lamp heaters, Calcana heaters are wall and ceiling–mounted. That means they take up zero floor space!

For home patios, wall and ceiling–mounted heaters means allow full use of outdoor patios– without worrying about creating space for a heater. Outdoor restaurants especially love this feature, as it frees up their dining area for more tables.

Whether you need to warm up your home patio or your restaurant’s dining area, Patio Heater USA is your answer. We are the official supplier of Calcana infrared patio heater models– simply the best outdoor heaters you can buy!

The Best Infrared Heater for Restaurant Patios

Prepare your patio for fall with the best infrared heater!

Fall is in full swing, and it’s time to find the best infrared heater for your outdoor patio! Join the thousands of satisfied customers throughout North America who choose Calcana infrared patio heaters.

As the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters, Patio Heater USA is proud to provide quality, high–end heating systems.

Our heaters are consistently rated the best outdoor heaters on the market. With propane or natural gas fuel, our infrared heater systems deliver comfortable warmth at a low cost. Complete with a stainless steel frame, our patio heaters look great are made to last!

infrared heater

Don’t miss out our patio heater selection. Prepare your patio for fall today!

Calcana patio heaters utilize patented heating technology to operate at just pennies per hour– all while providing comfort at the perfect temperature. Each infrared heater comes with a remote control, allowing for precise temperature adjustments.

Don’t miss out on outdoor heaters this fall! Effective and efficient outdoor heating is vital for any restaurant patio. This year, extend your dining room and your dining season with the best infrared heater.

Please contact Patio Heater USA for more information about our outdoor heater selection. Our friendly and informative team will help you determine which patio heater is best for your needs!

Ceiling and wall–mounted patio gas heaters

Save floor space and heating costs with mounted gas heaters.

Wall–mounted gas patio heaters are a great way to efficiently heat outdoor spaces. Patio Heater USA creates wall and ceiling–mounted stainless steel gas heaters, adding value to any outdoor environment without sacrificing space.

While table–top and free–standing heaters provide viable options for some homeowners, wall and ceiling–mounted patio heaters have a number of outdoor heater benefits including saving floor space and heating a broader area.

Natural gas and propane heaters are also the most efficient outdoor gas heaters on the market, operating at just pennies per hour.

gas heaters

Wall and ceiling–mounted patio heaters with a stainless steel design.

Patio Heater USA’s ceiling and wall–mounted gas heaters offer ideal outside heating solutions for outdoor restaurants in addition to home patios.

Floor heaters require time, effort and money in rearranging your restaurant’s floor plan and reducing outdoor seating. Instead, keep your customers comfortable with a ceiling–mounted patio heater.

Benefits of Outside Heaters

Outside heaters: the investment that pays for itself

outside heaters

Our outside heaters provide comfort, savings and style all in one.

Thinking about investing in an outdoor patio heater? Patio Heater USA’s infrared outside heaters use radiant heat to create a comfortable, welcoming environment. Outside heaters allow you to take advantage of your patio restaurant, garden or sunroom long after the outdoor season has ended.

With energy efficiency and rock–bottom operating costs, our outside heaters’ benefits extend beyond convenience and comfort. Patio Heater USA’s infrared outdoor heaters run on natural gas and propane, still considered the most cost–efficient heating fuel. Providing cozy warmth for just pennies per hour, your outdoor heater investment will pay for itself in no time.

Our patio heaters are available in stainless steel, adding elegance to comfort and efficiency. Contact Patio Heater USA today to see how we can assist in your outside heater purchase!