Radiant Outdoor Heaters

Get Ready for Spring with Radiant Outdoor Heaters!

As February draws to a close, it’s time to think about outdoor decor for spring. That long–awaited winter thaw is nearly here!

However, though spring is just a few weeks away, warm weather might not be. In fact, many regions of the United States wait until May or June for pleasant weather to arrive. As a result, home and restaurant patios often stay closed until summertime.

The Best Residential and Commercial Radiant Outdoor Heaters

At Patio Heater USA, we believe in enjoying the outdoors in any weather. That’s why we provide the most efficient Calcana radiant outdoor heaters. With the latest infrared heating technology, our heaters warm up any outdoor space all year round.

radiant outdoor heatersIf you’re a restaurant owner, then radiant outdoor heaters are your answer to attracting more customers. First, Calcana outdoor heaters are the restaurant industry’s most sought–after heaters due to their high–efficiency and high output.

In addition to cost–effective heating, Calcana patio heaters instantly expand your seating capacity. While adding an addition to a restaurant costs a fortune, adding outdoor heaters to your patio is quick and easy. Well–heated patios offer not only more seating, but also the comfortable ambience of the outdoors.

If you’re a homeowner, then it’s time to take the patio furniture out of the basement. With Calcana radiant outdoor heaters, you can enjoy your home outdoor patio at your leisure. Even if springtime hasn’t yet given way to warm weather, you can enjoy your morning coffee or a relaxing evening in the great outdoors.

Order Your Radiant Outdoor Heater Today!

Finding the best outdoor heater is easier than ever. Simply visit our online outdoor heaters shop or call us toll–free at 800–778–6729. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are waiting for your call. We’ll have your outdoor patio heated in no time!

Expanding Your Home with Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Create a New Living Space with Natural Gas Patio Heaters.

Thinking about adding a living space to your home? Natural gas patio heaters might just change the way you think about home remodeling.

natural gas patio heaters

Calcana outdoor heaters for commercial and residential patios.

Home additions and renovations are expensive. If your home is feeling small, extend your living space to the outdoors. In fact, outdoor patios are the best alternative to home additions.

Calcana natural gas patio heaters provide a comfortable and budget–friendly way to expand your home to the outdoors.

Not only are outdoor patios a low–cost alternative to additions, they also add a unique ambience to your home. With strategically placed lights, potted plants and other decorative touches, your outdoor patio will soon become everyone’s favorite room.

Natural gas patio heaters significantly extend the life of your outdoor patio. Thanks to Calcana outdoor heaters’ high output, you can enjoy your patio up to twelve months of the year!

Why Buy from Patio Heater USA?

Our natural gas patio heaters are in high demand on both the residential and commercial markets. With inputs from 40,000 to 75,000 BTUs per hour, Calcana patio heaters provide the highest durability and efficiency.

Here are just a few reasons why Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are the best patio heaters to purchase:

  • Variable heat settings, from Low to High heat
  • Extremely safe, with no flames or glowing red parts
  • Durable 316 stainless steel construction
  • Weather proof, including snow and rain

Best of all, Patio Heater USA offers professional–grade outdoor heaters at an accessible price. Our natural gas patio heater models can be found in some of the United States’ best restaurants as well as everyday homes.

Don’t delay your patio heater purchase any longer! Shop for patio heaters online for a variety of propane and natural gas patio heaters. With Calcana outdoor heaters, warm weather is just a click away.

How to Choose the Best Patio Heater

Find the best patio heater for your needs!

At Patio Heater USA, you can browse the best patio heater model selection from the comfort of your own home. Take the first step towards improving your outdoor patio today by visiting our outdoor heaters shop.

We offer a comprehensive selection of fuel types, heater sizes, stainless steel grades and output levels. No matter what your budget or your heating needs, Patio Heater USA has the right heater for you.

best patio heater

Find the best patio heater for you based on fuel type, size and output level.

First, choose from natural gas or propane–fueled heaters. You’ll find a large selection of outdoor heaters under both fuel types. Before deciding on a fuel type, be sure to compare the price of natural gas and propane as sold in your local area.

Next, determine the size of your patio to select the right sized heater. We offer outdoor heaters in 5’, 10’, 15’, even 20’ models! Perfect for the smallest residential patios as well as large–scale commercial applications.

Patio Heater USA heaters guarantee quality first. Our promise to quality is especially clear in the materials we use. For example, our selection of Calcana heaters is the only outdoor heater series available in 316 marine grade stainless steel. So when you buy a Calcana heater, rest assured that your purchase is for the long run.

In addition to our heater models, you’ll find a variety of outdoor heater mounting options. Our mounting kits allow you to choose the precise angle of your heater. Choose from horizontal mounting kits, to cantilever or a 25° tilt.

Finally, we offer free freight on all outdoor heaters shipped to a commercial address! For more detailed information, please see our freight policy.

If you have any further questions about how to select the best patio heater for your needs, please contact Patio Heater USA. Our representatives will be happy to provide more information or guide you through the purchasing process.


The Power of an Efficient Patio Heater

Discover what an efficient patio heater can do!

An efficient patio heater is the best way to improve your outdoor deck or patio. While managing indoor room temperature is easy, adjusting outside temperature requires high–end outdoor heaters.

Comfort is key in any living space, and comfort starts with pleasant temperature. That’s where Patio Heater USA comes in. We’re the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters, offering a great selection of efficient patio heater models. With a Calcana outdoor heater, your patio will gain a will gain new comfort level.

efficient patio heater

The most durable, efficient outdoor heaters. 

Natural Gas or Propane Heater?

If you have a preference between natural gas or propane fuel, you’re in the right place! We offer both natural gas and propane heaters.

Having trouble deciding between propane and natural gas? Feel free to contact Patio Heater USA to discuss your heating options. Because fuel prices tend to vary by region, you may greatly benefit from one or the other. Our knowledgeable and friendly patio heater consultants can answer any fuel–related questions.

The Best Residential and Commercial Patio Heater

In addition to residential patios, our outdoor heaters improve commercial buildings and restaurant patios. Homeowners and restaurant owners alike prefer Calcana patio heaters over any other.

For home decks and patios, an efficient patio heater gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors anytime. With our patented remote control, you can adjust the temperature exactly to your preference.

Restaurant owners love Calcana patio heaters for a variety of reasons. Running at just pennies per hour, our heaters save restaurants thousands of dollars in heating bills each year. In addition to efficiency, Calcana heaters are safe. Because they include no flames or glowing red parts, they have an incredibly low clearance–to–combustibles ratio.

Don’t keep your patio or your guests waiting– contact Patio Heater USA today! Our representatives are standing by at 800–778–6729.

The Best Propane Heater

All you need to know about Calcana’s propane heater models.

Our company spent years developing the most efficient and durable propane heater on the market. Now, it’s considered the best commercial and residential outdoor heater.

Due to its efficiency, propane heater typically heats open spaces such as patios, decks and garages. That’s why many patio heaters, such as some Calcana’s outdoor heaters, run on propane. For information about Calcana’s natural gas heaters, please read more about our outdoor heaters.

What makes Calcana propane heaters so efficient? First of all, Calcana heaters utilize the latest infrared heating technology. Similar to the way the sun heats the earth, infrared heaters heat with thermal heating. That means they heat people and surfaces, without harmful UV rays! While your typical space heater simply warms the surrounding air, a Calcana propane heater creates heat that lasts.

Additionally, propane fuel is consistently the least expensive heater fuel type. Not to mention, our units are self–containing. No need to hook them up to external gas lines. So you’ll not only be spending less on fuel, but you’ll save the bother of connecting heaters to a central system.

How do I use a propane heater?

propane heaterOur client base is diverse and far–reaching. Common uses for our outdoor propane heaters include patios, lawns, decks, and outside dinner parties.

Homeowners love Calcana outdoor heaters for their efficiency. With just one heater, you can quickly and effectively heat your outdoor home area!

When restaurant owners want to increase their profits, they turn to Calcana. The most popular use for our outdoor heaters is restaurant patios. Restaurant owners know they can make their outdoor patios comfortable in any weather with a Calcana propane heater.

So whether you’re a homeowner or restaurant owner, Calcana propane heaters are the best heating option available. Contact Patio Heater USA for more information about our Calcana outdoor heater selection!



Customizing Outdoor Patios

Outdoor Patios: From Barbecues to Reading Nooks

Outdoor patios offer a unique space in any home. They combine indoor comfort with the invigorating power of the great outdoors. Best of all, a well–designed outdoor patio becomes the perfect setting for any occasion.

When it comes to dining, outdoor patios are the best room in the house. While walls confine a typical dining room, an outdoor patio’s size is limited only to your imagination. Consider the deck or patio your home’s most spacious room.

outdoor patios

Outdoor patios are your space for fun and family!

Additionally, patios offer a refreshing atmosphere for entertaining. Deck out your patio with a television and bar for the best game day barbecue on the block. For a formal dinner, add ambience to your patio with candles and string lights.

But outdoor patios go far beyond dining and entertaining. Patios are also for relaxing at the end of a long day and enjoying the stillness of a weekend morning. For quiet days, turn your patio into a cozy reading nook by adding some comfortable cushions.

If you have a green thumb, outdoor patios are a great way to show off gardening skills. Rather than isolating your garden on the other side of the yard, why not make it the center of attention? Surround yourself and your guests with nature for the ultimate sanctuary.

Outdoor Comfort with Calcana Patio Heaters!

Whether your outdoor patio’s main function is for entertaining, reading or gardening, comfort is paramount to using your outdoor space. That’s why Patio Heater USA provides the best outdoor heaters on the market. We believe that if you’ve got a great patio, you should enjoy it to the fullest.

We’re the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters. With our dependable infrared heaters, your outdoor patio will benefit from efficient and effective heating. Contact Patio Heater USA today to complete your outdoor patio with a Calcana heater!

Outdoor Dining with Patio Heaters

Enjoy outdoor dining in any weather!

Don’t let cold weather hold you back from dining in the great outdoors! With outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA, you can dine comfortably in any weather.

Patio Heater USA provides the best heaters for outdoor dining. Complete your patio, deck or sunroom with an outdoor heater for maximum comfort.

We are proud to be the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters. As the best outdoors heaters on the market, Calcana patio heaters are guaranteed to provide effective heating at low cost. Utilizing natural gas or propane, they provide infrared heating at just pennies per hour.

Calcana patio heaters add to the outdoor dining experience by supplying infrared heating. While other heater models only heat the surrounding air, Calcana heaters heat surfaces and people. Our kind of heating can’t be blown away in the wind!

Outdoor Dining for Homes and Restaurants

Restaurants throughout the world use Calcana patio heaters for dining outdoors. With our heaters, restaurants can extend their outdoor patio season all year round! This means a greater dining capacity and more clients.

But Calcana heaters are far from exclusive to the restaurant industry. Our clients include thousands of residences throughout North American and Europe. For homeowners, efficient patio heaters mean enjoying outdoor dining in their own home. All at an affordable price!

Patio Heating for the Holiday Season!

Stay warm this holiday season with the best patio heating.

Effective patio heating is most important during the holiday season. Not only do temperatures reach their coldest, but the holidays are also the season for visitors.

Calcana offers the best patio heating solution with high–efficiency outdoor heaters. Our patio heaters give you the freedom to enjoy spaces that would otherwise be off–limits in winter. But don’t stop at your patio! Outdoor heaters are also perfect for sunrooms, garages and semi–enclosed spaces.

patio heating

Invite your guests to enjoy the outdoors while ensuring their comfort. By keeping your patio warm, you’ll have a cozy gathering space for your guests. And don’t forget, there’s nothing like enjoying a hot drink under the stars.

So what makes Calcana outdoor heaters so great for patio heating? Calcana heaters utilize infrared technology to effectively heat surrounding surfaces. Other heaters merely heat air that blows away with the wind. However, with infrared heaters the energy goes straight to the surfaces and people you want to heat.

Don’t waste time or money on less effective heaters. Calcana outdoor heaters are celebrated for their efficiency and effective heating. From restaurant owners to home owners, people trust Calcana for the best patio heating.

As the official supplier of Calcana heaters, Patio Heater USA is committed to making each patio a comfortable and warm place. When it comes to patio heating, we’re the experts. Feel free to contact us at any time for further information about our patio heaters!

Space Heaters for Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

Transform your sunroom overnight with the best space heaters!

Space heaters make your sunroom an ideal place for family gatherings and dinner parties. On quiet days, a good space heater transforms your sunroom into a cozy nook for curling up with a good book.

Regardless of the weather, space heaters make your patio enclosure accessible. They’re an efficient alternative to restructuring your home’s central heating.

space-heatersWhether your winters are moderately cool or frigid, Calcana space heaters are the right choice. Each heater includes a remote controller, allowing users to set the most precise temperature settings. For example, a slightly chilly day might require a lower setting, while snowy days require higher heat.

Additionally, great space heaters like Calcana’s patio heaters transform a sunroom overnight. After a quick installation, your infrared space heater will be ready to go. Simply switch on the heater one hour before use to enjoy your fully heated sunroom.

Finally, Calcana produces the safest space heaters for sunrooms and patio enclosures. Not only do they allow for wall and ceiling installation, but also for extremely low clearance to combustibles. Most importantly, they contain absolutely no flames or glowing red parts! That means our heaters are safe for sunrooms and patio enclosures made of any material.

Don’t let your sunroom go dormant in the winter. On the contrary, make it a cozy gathering place all year round! With high–end, durable heaters, you can keep your sunroom or patio enclosure comfortably warm in any temperature.


Invest in the Best Patio Heaters with Calcana

Offering the best patio heaters for homes, restaurants and more!

Don’t settle for anything less than the best patio heaters! When it comes to outdoor heating, Calcana outdoor heaters deliver quality on all levels.

First, our patio heaters are designed specifically for outdoor use. As a result, they are incredibly effective. Other heaters simply heat the surrounding air, making your heating bills blow away in the wind! Meanwhile, Calcana patio heaters use infrared heating technology to gently warm surfaces and people.

best patio heaters

Put Calcana patio heaters to use in your home or restaurant!

But Calcana’s best patio heaters don’t just provide heating that works, they also offer the most efficient heating! Our outdoor heaters are known internationally for durability and efficiency. We make your investment worthwhile.

Unlike lamp heaters or mushroom heaters, Calcana outdoor heaters are wall and ceiling–mounted. That means greater floor space for your deck or patio! Additionally, wall and ceiling–mounted patio heaters mean safer heating. With Calcana patio heaters mean there’s no need to worry about knocking over floor or table heaters.

Instead of throwing your heating budget away on other brands, invest in the best patio heaters today! You’ll find the highest quality heaters with Calcana. Call us today and finally know the freedom of quality outdoor heating.