History of Our Outdoor Heaters

Our outdoor heaters, with patented performance, were designed specifically for restaurants and bars.... In 1988 prominent restaurateurs asked us to make a better more dependable outdoor heater. Based on the restaurateurs' requests we developed the following goals for our outdoor heaters.

  1. Make outside heaters that have to be purchased just once.
  2. Build reliable, low maintenance outdoor heaters.
  3. Design a flexible outside heater that provides gentle heat on mild days and intense, snow melt heat on colder days.
  4. Allow the outdoor heater to be controlled remotely so heat levels may be adjusted quickly to the meet the needs of patrons.

After several years of outdoor heater research, testing and patent applications Patio Heater USA met and exceeded the restaurateurs' requests with their break through outside heater technology. Our outdoor heaters features and benefits include:

  • Even heat output along the outdoor heaters' entire length.
  • Variable input.
  • Remotely controlled outdoor heater burners.
  • Fuel efficiency. With our outdoor heaters you may reduce the heating capacity by up to 50 percent of the maximum rated output.
  • Takes zero floor space.
  • No glowing red parts improves safety and fuel efficiency by converting energy into infrared heat, not light.
  • Low clearance to combustibles allowing our outdoor heaters to be installed where others can't.
  • A unique reflector design efficiently captures infrared heating waves and directs them onto adjacent surfaces.
  • Stainless steel green friendly construction with fuel savings of up to 40 percent
  • Ability to operate in -40F conditions.

Our outside heaters are the best choice for hard to heat outdoor spaces.

We have manufactured gas–fired outdoor heaters since 1988. We started in Calgary, Alberta Canada. In 2009 we began operations at our Loxley, Alabama, USA location and went to maximum production in 2010.

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