Watch a Calcana Garage Heater Installation!

Calana Garage Heater Demonstration

In the market for a Calcana garage heater but not sure what to expect? Then this video from Josh the Gasfitter will give you an idea of what a Calcana heater installation looks like.

At Patio Heater USA, our clients order Calcana garage heaters for a variety of reasons. To start, we serve a range of residential and commercial clients. Homes, small businesses, patio restaurants, golf clubs and sports complexes are just a few places where you can find Calcana outdoor heaters.

Garage heaters are absolutely necessary to keep business functioning all year round. Whether you use your garage for DIY projects or as a commercial workshop, garage heaters will keep you, your employees and your customers happy. Calcana heaters come in a variety of sizes, fuel types and outputs, offering the perfect heater for any sized garage.

In the following heater installation video, Josh the Gasfitter installs a 15-foot Calcana garage heater. General measurement guidelines suggest hanging the heater 4” from ceiling and 4” from back wall. For more detailed information about measurements, please see our clearance to combustibles page.

A Calcana Garage Heater’s Best Features

This video is a great opportunity to see some of Calcana heaters’ best features, such as the patented thermostat and modular control. As a natural gas garage heater, you’ll also see how Josh the Gasfitter integrates the heater with the home gas supply.

Finally, you’ll see not only the Calcana garage heater installation, but also the transformation of a garage remodel from start to finish. As demonstrated in the video, a stylish but practical stainless steel Calcana heater blends seamlessly with any space.

Don’t wait to keep your garage warm this winter! Visit our garage heater online shop and order a Calcana garage heater today! Make your home or commercial garage a more productive and comfortable place to be.

Outdoor Patio Heating 101

The Basics of Outdoor Patio Heating

Thinking about installing outdoor patio heating, but not sure where to begin? Then you’re in the right place!

When it comes to outdoor heating, selecting the right patio heater can at first seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a list of different types of patio heaters and how they work.

Propane Patio Heaters

Generally speaking, propane outdoor heaters are the most popular. Given that propane is both low–cost and easily accessible, it’s a convenient outdoor patio heating option. You can find propane in standard 20–pound tanks at local grocery or hardware stores.

So how do propane heaters work? It’s as simple as flipping an ignition switch. Upon flipping the switch, and a spark ignites the propane gas. You can then adjust the strength of the heat to your preference.

Propane outdoor heaters require no electrical connection and generate a high heat output, which makes them ideal for large, open spaces.

outdoor patio heating

Propane and natural gas heaters are ideal for heating large, open spaces.

Electric Patio Heaters

Unlike propane heaters, electric heaters work best in small, enclosed areas. Naturally, they also require access to a power outlet.

While electric patio heaters never need a fuel refill, their power is more limited than propane or natural gas heaters. Additionally, even weatherproof electric heaters need to be sheltered from rain and snow to prevent damage and electric shock.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Similar to propane heaters, natural gas heaters provide high–powered outdoor patio heating. In some cases, you can conveniently connect these outdoor heaters to the nearest natural gas outlet.

Also like propane heaters, natural gas patio heaters work with an ignition switch rather than electric outlets. That means they’re more portable and weatherproof than electric heaters.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heating Solution

In the end, the best outdoor patio heating method depends on your unique needs. For open air heating in commercial and residential spaces, propane and natural gas heaters offer the most power and the best price. However, an electric heater may be adequate for small-scale, occasional use.

To speak directly with patio heater experts from Patio Heater USA, contact us online or at 800–778–6729!


Expanding Your Home with Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Create a New Living Space with Natural Gas Patio Heaters.

Thinking about adding a living space to your home? Natural gas patio heaters might just change the way you think about home remodeling.

natural gas patio heaters

Calcana outdoor heaters for commercial and residential patios.

Home additions and renovations are expensive. If your home is feeling small, extend your living space to the outdoors. In fact, outdoor patios are the best alternative to home additions.

Calcana natural gas patio heaters provide a comfortable and budget–friendly way to expand your home to the outdoors.

Not only are outdoor patios a low–cost alternative to additions, they also add a unique ambience to your home. With strategically placed lights, potted plants and other decorative touches, your outdoor patio will soon become everyone’s favorite room.

Natural gas patio heaters significantly extend the life of your outdoor patio. Thanks to Calcana outdoor heaters’ high output, you can enjoy your patio up to twelve months of the year!

Why Buy from Patio Heater USA?

Our natural gas patio heaters are in high demand on both the residential and commercial markets. With inputs from 40,000 to 75,000 BTUs per hour, Calcana patio heaters provide the highest durability and efficiency.

Here are just a few reasons why Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are the best patio heaters to purchase:

  • Variable heat settings, from Low to High heat
  • Extremely safe, with no flames or glowing red parts
  • Durable 316 stainless steel construction
  • Weather proof, including snow and rain

Best of all, Patio Heater USA offers professional–grade outdoor heaters at an accessible price. Our natural gas patio heater models can be found in some of the United States’ best restaurants as well as everyday homes.

Don’t delay your patio heater purchase any longer! Shop for patio heaters online for a variety of propane and natural gas patio heaters. With Calcana outdoor heaters, warm weather is just a click away.

High–Efficiency Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters are your fuel–efficient outdoor heating solution!

Calcana gas patio heaters are simply the best outdoor heaters you can buy. Just ask Sofia Picazo, General Manager of The Prado, about our outdoor patio heaters.

With sixteen San Diego restaurants and counting, Picazo uses Calcana patio heaters in all her locations. Not only are they efficient and wall or ceiling–mounted, but their radiant heat technology means no pilot light. As Picazo explains, “With a pilot light, if the pilot goes out, you use a lot of time trying to get it back on.”

In addition to efficient, patented heating technology, Calcana gas patio heaters are equiped with full temperature control. Picazo takes full advantage of adjusting the heat to her customers’ needs, rather than relying on an on/of switch alone.

With Calcana heaters I can maintain a nice 73 degrees outside for my guests. They can come out and enjoy their dining experience without being cold.

–Sofia Picazo, General Manager of The Prado

Picazo’s restaurant chain just installed numerous Calcana gas patio heaters in Ventana, one of her north country San Diego restaurants. The restaurant includes 2-terrace, 500 person seating

“We have sixteen restaurants in San Diego, and more coming with an outside terrace,” says Picazo. “If I have a 400 seat restaurant and I have to shut half of that down because it’s 60 degrees outside, I lose half of my dining room. With Calcana heaters I can maintain a nice 73 degrees outside for my guests. They can come out and enjoy their dining experience without being cold.”

How can your outdoor patio utilize a gas patio heater? Just contact official Calcana heater supplier Patio Heater USA for more information!

Residential and Commercial Gas Patio Heater Benefits

The most efficient outdoor gas patio heater models

What could you do with a gas patio heater? Quality outdoor heaters provide outside heating for home patios, outdoor restaurants, warehouses and more. Calcana infrared heaters’ versatility, efficiency and durability makes them the best outdoor heaters on the market.

If you’re a restaurant owner, a gas patio heater lets you open up your dining patio any day of the year. Rather than waiting for the weather to warm up, install a Calcana patio heater. Not only will you be able to open your dining patio in colder weather, you’ll be able to keep it open later each day. A gas patio heater allows your outdoor restaurant a longer dining season and extended dining hours.


Contact Patio Heater USA to see how you can benefit from an outdoor patio heater!

Do you manage or own a large enclosed or semi–enclosed buildling, like a warehouse or sports complex? Calcana’s gas patio heater models are perfect for heating open spaces, keeping all occupants comfortably warm. Winter months can be especially cold for workers and visitors, but quality infrared heaters are an efficient, long–term solution.

A gas patio heater works wonders for residential outdoor patios. Thousands of homes throughout North America have decided to invest in a quality infrared outdoor heater from Calcana. The most efficient heaters on the market, Calcana outdoor heaters run on just pennies per hour on either propane or natural gas fuel.

For ideas of how a gas patio heater can benefit your home, restaurant or warehouse, please see our Outdoor Heaters Gallery. You’ll find how Calcana outdoor heaters have benefitted dozens of past and present customers of Patio Heater USA. Contact Patio Heater USA to speak with a representative today!


Patio Gas Heaters for Your Home

Enhance your outdoor experience with patio gas heaters.

Patio gas heaters are the number one way to improve your outdoor patio, sunroom, garden or garage. Why stay inside when you can take advantage of the great outdoors? With even, infrared heat, calcana outdoor heaters warm an outdoor space to a comfortable level.

Calcana patio gas heaters function efficiently in any weather. Don’t let cold weather keep you from enjoying the fresh air and ambience of your outdoor patio.

patio gas heaters

Make your patio a warm, welcoming space with Calcana outdoor gas heaters.

Patio gas heaters can make the difference between a welcoming, useful space and a neglected one. Impress your guests at dinner parties or family gatherings by creating a warm, inviting outdoor environment.

Patio Heater USA offers a variety of infrared outdoor heaters for residential and commercial use. All our heaters include patented stainless steel frames and heating systems. Experience the difference with Calcana patio gas heaters!


Propane heaters vs. natural gas heaters

Stay informed about propane and outdoor natural gas heaters.

Patio Heater USA offers a wide selection of propane and natural gas heaters. So what’s the difference between a propane outdoor heater and natural gas heaters?

natural gas heaters

High efficiency outdoor natural gas and propane heaters.

Propane is a by–product of natural gas processing. Known for efficiency, propane has powered heaters and machinery for decades. Recent interest in propane heaters stems from propane’s clean–burning qualities and relatively low–cost.

Our patio heaters also run on natural gas, another clean–burning alternative fuel. Natural gas heaters burn odorless and nontoxic fuel. Eighty to ninety percent of natural gas is domestically produced, making gas outdoor heaters highly desirable heater models.

Choosing between natural gas and propane patio heaters depends mostly on local costs of either fuel.

Whether the best patio heater for you is a propane or outdoor gas heater, Patio Heater USA will help you find the appropriate heater model for your restaurant, patio, garage and more.


Outdoor Gas Heaters: Patio heating options

With outdoor gas heaters utilize your outside patio all year round.

outdoor gas heaters

Outdoor gas heaters significantly extend your patio season.

Outdoor living spaces are welcoming retreats in summer, but inadequate heating leaves most patios unused in colder weather.

If you’d like to take advantage of your outdoor patio or sunroom all year round, consider investing in an outdoor gas heater or infrared heater. Patio Heater USA offers a wide selection of efficient infrared and outdoor gas heaters. Mountable on ceilings and walls, our patio heaters are highly efficient with space as well as energy.

Enjoy your outdoor patio in comfort and warmth with Patio Heater USA’s outdoor gas heaters.