Why Buy Overhead Patio Heaters?

The Benefits of Overhead Patio Heaters

Put overhead patio heaters at the top of your list for outdoor heater options! While at first they may get lost in the myriad of outdoor heater styles, overhead heaters have many practical benefits.  In fact, overhead patio heaters offer the most effective and efficient outdoor heating solutions.

Overhead Patio Heaters vs. Mushroom Style Heaters

Mushroom style patio heaters are a type of mobile lamp heater used for short range heating. On one hand, their mobility can be an advantage if the patio requires frequent rearranging. However, constantly moving the patio heaters creates a lot of wear and tear. Not to mention, mushroom style patio heaters take up floor space, making outdoor dining areas difficult to maneuver.

Meanwhile, overhead patio heaters take up zero floor space. With just one easy installment, your overhead heater is securely fastened to the ceiling or wall. Not only does an overhead heater leave floor space free, but it also effectively targets its heat. For both residential and commercial patios, overhead heaters leave people warmer and happier.

Overhead Patio Heater Features

In addition to logistic benefits, overhead patio heaters from Patio Heater USA offer the most efficient outdoor heating. Equipped with the latest infrared heating technology, they efficiently convert natural gas or propane fuel into even heat waves.


Infrared overhead heaters from Patio Heater USA are designed specifically to offer maximum, long–term heating at low cost. As a result, they keep outdoor areas warm for just pennies per hour. Also offering a weather–proof, stainless steel frame, our outdoor heaters are built to last.

Find the best overhead patio heater for you in Patio Heater USA’s outdoor heater online shop. We offer a number of heater sizes, fuel types and output levels. For any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact us online or call 800–778–6729.


The Power of an Efficient Patio Heater

Discover what an efficient patio heater can do!

An efficient patio heater is the best way to improve your outdoor deck or patio. While managing indoor room temperature is easy, adjusting outside temperature requires high–end outdoor heaters.

Comfort is key in any living space, and comfort starts with pleasant temperature. That’s where Patio Heater USA comes in. We’re the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters, offering a great selection of efficient patio heater models. With a Calcana outdoor heater, your patio will gain a will gain new comfort level.

efficient patio heater

The most durable, efficient outdoor heaters. 

Natural Gas or Propane Heater?

If you have a preference between natural gas or propane fuel, you’re in the right place! We offer both natural gas and propane heaters.

Having trouble deciding between propane and natural gas? Feel free to contact Patio Heater USA to discuss your heating options. Because fuel prices tend to vary by region, you may greatly benefit from one or the other. Our knowledgeable and friendly patio heater consultants can answer any fuel–related questions.

The Best Residential and Commercial Patio Heater

In addition to residential patios, our outdoor heaters improve commercial buildings and restaurant patios. Homeowners and restaurant owners alike prefer Calcana patio heaters over any other.

For home decks and patios, an efficient patio heater gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors anytime. With our patented remote control, you can adjust the temperature exactly to your preference.

Restaurant owners love Calcana patio heaters for a variety of reasons. Running at just pennies per hour, our heaters save restaurants thousands of dollars in heating bills each year. In addition to efficiency, Calcana heaters are safe. Because they include no flames or glowing red parts, they have an incredibly low clearance–to–combustibles ratio.

Don’t keep your patio or your guests waiting– contact Patio Heater USA today! Our representatives are standing by at 800–778–6729.

High–Efficiency Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters are your fuel–efficient outdoor heating solution!

Calcana gas patio heaters are simply the best outdoor heaters you can buy. Just ask Sofia Picazo, General Manager of The Prado, about our outdoor patio heaters.

With sixteen San Diego restaurants and counting, Picazo uses Calcana patio heaters in all her locations. Not only are they efficient and wall or ceiling–mounted, but their radiant heat technology means no pilot light. As Picazo explains, “With a pilot light, if the pilot goes out, you use a lot of time trying to get it back on.”

In addition to efficient, patented heating technology, Calcana gas patio heaters are equiped with full temperature control. Picazo takes full advantage of adjusting the heat to her customers’ needs, rather than relying on an on/of switch alone.

With Calcana heaters I can maintain a nice 73 degrees outside for my guests. They can come out and enjoy their dining experience without being cold.

–Sofia Picazo, General Manager of The Prado

Picazo’s restaurant chain just installed numerous Calcana gas patio heaters in Ventana, one of her north country San Diego restaurants. The restaurant includes 2-terrace, 500 person seating

“We have sixteen restaurants in San Diego, and more coming with an outside terrace,” says Picazo. “If I have a 400 seat restaurant and I have to shut half of that down because it’s 60 degrees outside, I lose half of my dining room. With Calcana heaters I can maintain a nice 73 degrees outside for my guests. They can come out and enjoy their dining experience without being cold.”

How can your outdoor patio utilize a gas patio heater? Just contact official Calcana heater supplier Patio Heater USA for more information!

The Best Gas Patio Heaters

Introducing the restaurant industry’s best gas patio heaters!

Patio Heater USA is the official supplier for gas patio heaters from Calcana. Known as the best patio heater manufacturer of the restaurant industry, Calcana supplies the most durable and efficient gas patio heaters on the market.

Our outdoor heaters efficiently heat surrounding objects, surfaces and people with patented infrared heater technology. When you buy Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA, you acquire not only the most reliable patio heater, but one that saves you money. Calcana gas patio heaters function in any weather at just pennies per hour.


In addition to quality and efficiency, Calcana values safety. Calcana outdoor gas heaters produce heat and only heat– no visible lights, glowing parts or open flames! We take pride in producing heaters with extremely low clearance to combustibles. Unlike other heaters, Calcana gas patio heaters are safe enough to mount directly on walls.

For the final touch, Calcana outdoor heaters come with an adjustable remote controller. With our patented outdoor heater remote controller, you can adjust the patio temperature to you and your guests’ comfort level. Chase away the chill with a Low or Medium setting, or turn the heat up to High.

Patio Heater USA provides a full selection of outdoor patio heater models for not only natural gas, but propane fuel as well. Please contact Patio Heater USA today for assistance in choosing the best gas patio heater for your needs.



Residential and Commercial Gas Patio Heater Benefits

The most efficient outdoor gas patio heater models

What could you do with a gas patio heater? Quality outdoor heaters provide outside heating for home patios, outdoor restaurants, warehouses and more. Calcana infrared heaters’ versatility, efficiency and durability makes them the best outdoor heaters on the market.

If you’re a restaurant owner, a gas patio heater lets you open up your dining patio any day of the year. Rather than waiting for the weather to warm up, install a Calcana patio heater. Not only will you be able to open your dining patio in colder weather, you’ll be able to keep it open later each day. A gas patio heater allows your outdoor restaurant a longer dining season and extended dining hours.


Contact Patio Heater USA to see how you can benefit from an outdoor patio heater!

Do you manage or own a large enclosed or semi–enclosed buildling, like a warehouse or sports complex? Calcana’s gas patio heater models are perfect for heating open spaces, keeping all occupants comfortably warm. Winter months can be especially cold for workers and visitors, but quality infrared heaters are an efficient, long–term solution.

A gas patio heater works wonders for residential outdoor patios. Thousands of homes throughout North America have decided to invest in a quality infrared outdoor heater from Calcana. The most efficient heaters on the market, Calcana outdoor heaters run on just pennies per hour on either propane or natural gas fuel.

For ideas of how a gas patio heater can benefit your home, restaurant or warehouse, please see our Outdoor Heaters Gallery. You’ll find how Calcana outdoor heaters have benefitted dozens of past and present customers of Patio Heater USA. Contact Patio Heater USA to speak with a representative today!


Outdoor Gas Heaters for Restaurant Patios

Warm up your restaurant patio with outdoor gas heaters!

Calcana outdoor gas heaters from Patio Heater USA provide the most durable, efficient outside heating on the market. Developed specially restaurant industry, our infrared heaters are utilized in outdoor restaurant patios around the globe. Each year Patio Heater USA exports thousands of Calcana outdoor gas heaters to restaurants in North American and Europe.


Select from a variety of outdoor heater models for your business.

Our gas patio heaters are protected under four US patents. Their unique infrared radiant heat uses thermal energy to heat people and surfaces, not air. Unlike other patio heaters, Calcana outdoor gas heaters are fully functional in wind, rain, or snow.

A Calcana outdoor gas heater is an investment that pays for itself. Its modern design utilizes the latest infrared heating technology to provide customers with the most efficient heater on the market.

With incredibly low clearance-to-combustibles requirements, Calcana patio heaters are safe to use in any environment. Mount your gas heaters to a wall or ceiling with easy–to–follow instructions, saving floor space in your outdoor patio!

Please contact Patio Heater USA for more information about our outdoor gas heater collection. Our patio heater specialists will provide everything you need to know about your patio heater purchase.


Autumn Patio Prep with Outdoor Heaters

Feeling that autumn chill? Warm up with outdoor heaters!

Our Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are perfect for fall patio preparation. September is in full force, keeping mornings and evenings cool and nights even colder. Why let a bit of cold keep you away from your outdoor patio? Our infrared patio heaters keep you comfortably warm regardless of the outdoor temperature.

infrared outdoor heaters

Our outdoor heaters come complete with remote controls.

Even a light chill is enough to make sitting outdoors a chore. With Calcana outdoor heaters you can adjust the heat settings with our unique remote control featured to the right. Adjust the radiant heat to your specifications from high to low.

Don’t let cold temperature get the better of you– invest in infrared outdoor heaters today to make your patio a warm and welcoming place to be all year round. You and your guests will be amazed at our patio heaters’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Outdoor heaters from Patio Heater USA are not only for residential heating. Our infrared heaters are used extensively in restaurants throughout the world. Outdoor infrared heaters keep customers happy and coming back every time. No more closing your restaurant’s summer patio come September. Make the most of your seating space with outdoor heaters!

Contact Patio Heater USA today to see how you can make your outdoor patio a warm, welcoming place to be this fall.



Most Efficient Restaurant Patio Gas Heater

Find the best patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant.

Calcana gas heaters are sure to spice up your outdoor restaurant! With even, comfortable warmth, patio gas heaters provide a welcoming environment for guests.

Outdoor patio heaters also help restaurants extend their dining seasons, making profits stay hot even as the weather cools down! The advantages of outdoor gas heaters are endless.

Though outdoor heaters keep customers coming in the door, they still add to your operating costs. Therefore it is essential to choose the most efficient patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant.

Calcana gas heaters from Patio Heater USA are internationally known for their efficient heating systems. Operating at just pennies per hour, Calcana patio heaters are protected by several US patents for their unique design. Choose from propane or natural gas, both low–cost heating fuels.


Infrared patio gas heaters efficiently heat restaurants while saving floor space.

Our gas patio heaters are not only fuel efficient– they’re space efficient, too! Each heater’s patented stainless steel frame is wall or ceiling mounted. No need to remove seating to make room for floor–standing heaters, and there’s no danger of knocking over large outdoor heaters. Calcana patio gas heaters safely provide your customers with heating from the ceiling or wall.

How do you choose the right patio gas heater for your outdoor restaurant? Try the Patio Heater USA Heater Model Selection Guide, where you’ll find straight forward guidelines for deciding on an outdoor heating system.

Patio Gas Heaters for Your Home

Enhance your outdoor experience with patio gas heaters.

Patio gas heaters are the number one way to improve your outdoor patio, sunroom, garden or garage. Why stay inside when you can take advantage of the great outdoors? With even, infrared heat, calcana outdoor heaters warm an outdoor space to a comfortable level.

Calcana patio gas heaters function efficiently in any weather. Don’t let cold weather keep you from enjoying the fresh air and ambience of your outdoor patio.

patio gas heaters

Make your patio a warm, welcoming space with Calcana outdoor gas heaters.

Patio gas heaters can make the difference between a welcoming, useful space and a neglected one. Impress your guests at dinner parties or family gatherings by creating a warm, inviting outdoor environment.

Patio Heater USA offers a variety of infrared outdoor heaters for residential and commercial use. All our heaters include patented stainless steel frames and heating systems. Experience the difference with Calcana patio gas heaters!


Ceiling and wall–mounted patio gas heaters

Save floor space and heating costs with mounted gas heaters.

Wall–mounted gas patio heaters are a great way to efficiently heat outdoor spaces. Patio Heater USA creates wall and ceiling–mounted stainless steel gas heaters, adding value to any outdoor environment without sacrificing space.

While table–top and free–standing heaters provide viable options for some homeowners, wall and ceiling–mounted patio heaters have a number of outdoor heater benefits including saving floor space and heating a broader area.

Natural gas and propane heaters are also the most efficient outdoor gas heaters on the market, operating at just pennies per hour.

gas heaters

Wall and ceiling–mounted patio heaters with a stainless steel design.

Patio Heater USA’s ceiling and wall–mounted gas heaters offer ideal outside heating solutions for outdoor restaurants in addition to home patios.

Floor heaters require time, effort and money in rearranging your restaurant’s floor plan and reducing outdoor seating. Instead, keep your customers comfortable with a ceiling–mounted patio heater.